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Tint Ldn Review: Get Whiter Teeth in just Seconds!

So we all know why I am here... Call me your little test monkey. I put my skin, hair and now teeth through all sorts of fun things so you don't have to! 

To start off, let me just give you a bit of info on what I am up to today and then we can right down to the nitty gritty!


What's Trending in Beauty and Fashion: October 2016 Roundup

Trends making the rounds in the North/West of England

From pastel baseball caps to practical footwear, the sport/luxe trend is all the range up North. My personal favourite, right now, is the pastel suede baseball cap which seems to be making the rounds online as well as on the high street. I can't tell you how much I really want to purchase one for myself! I am definitely a huge fan of this trend... Luxe yet comfortable... Yes please!


Surprisingly, I have started to reach more for black pieces again as of late. I was so against black for a very long time and only wanted to incorporate colour into my wardrobe but noticed myself shying away from this even during the Summer months. My current go-to outfit has to be the black pencil leg trouser paired with a draped front top (black of course) tucked into the pant with a faux pony hair belt... This paired with a pastel blazer and a big black velvet choker is just my absolute fave!


October was a very fun month! With Christmas on the way, I was invited to the Met Quarter Xmas Press day which was jam packed full of their upcoming Christmas collections from a variety of brands which sit between the high street/high end scale such as Armani Exchange.

Another big event for us fashionistas up North was the North West Fashion Festival which is a fantastic annual event, showcasing the hottest new trends from local and national brands as well as a variety of extremely talented artists and TV Personalities who attend to showcase their own beauty/fashion projects or to perform.


Makeup trends are always changing but this year, the hottest products have certainly been the wow-factor highlighter and the bold matte liquid lipstick. These are definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future, especially during these colder months to come.


If you love shopping, you will love Depop. Depop is a mobile shopping app which reminds me of a mix of eBay and Instagram. It is full of the trendiest pieces sold by a variety of people... You will find vintage, handmade, brand new and pre-loved items, all in one place and for amazing prices! I have used Depop as both a buyer and seller and could not recommend it enough! My top purchase to date was definitely a pair of Dior earrings - £12!!!

I love to read but am more visual so I most definitely prefer a good magazine. However, put  anything blog related in front of me and I will read for hours on end! That is why I am absolutely obsessed with Blogosphere magazine! Not only does it feature some of my favourite bloggers/vloggers, Blogosphere is jam packed full of very useful tips and tricks which will benefit anybody with a love for the industry.






Chaophraya: Thai Restaurant launches new menu!

One of my most favourite things in the entire world is food... I love food! So what better way to celebrate the colder months than eating lots of delicious, hot Thai food?!


Glitter Lips Unboxing Demo and First Impressions

We all need a bit of glitter in our lives and there's no better time than the glorious late Autumn/Winter months! As it is currently the lead up to Halloween, I wanted to share my first impressions of the Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips kits. 


September Favourites & My first Ever Beauty Video!

I can't believe it's October already... Where did the time go? Today I have something exciting to share, my first ever beauty video! Be sure to click the video and head over to the video on YouTube for all product links. I hope that you enjoy Beauts... Let me know if you prefer this style of post compared to my usual write-ups with pictures and don't forget to hit that Like and Subscribe button!


UK Blog Awards 2017

A very quick update, before I update my latest post, Beauts...It's happening again! I have been nominated for another UK Blog Award! I now need your help guys, you really helped make my 2016 with the last one, lets make 2017 even better! To vote, please fill out the following short form: My details are, of course: Blog URL: and Blogger Email: Thank you SO much  It means the world to me 
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