Choosing the Right Makeup Tools for You

Choosing the right makeup tools can sometimes prove difficult. Not everything works the same for everybody resulting in decision making becoming very confusing! Sometimes it takes a lot of research to find the best tools for you which can also be very daunting. 

There are many brands of makeup tools available at the touch of a button, finding the perfect brand for you may not always be the case. Many companies provide similar products so it just really buckles down to pricing and whether or not you agree with a brands ethics. For example, I favour Eco Tools brushes over all others as they use eco friendly materials and offer many other ethical advantages. This, however does not affect my views on other brands. I do own a lot of other brushes too but find myself reaching for Eco Tools brushes on a daily basis. 

If you are a frequent makeup user then I believe there is a set amount of brushes required. Of course, if you like to apply most products using your fingers, this may not apply to you. I on the other-hand, love to use a specific brush for each step in my routine. 

My typical brush kit consists of: 

  1. Flat top Kabuki brush - Used to stipple and blend in my foundation
  2. High quality powder puff - Used to push finishing powder into the skin. I prefer to use a powder puff as it ensures that my skin stays oil free for longer and my foundation stays put all day. I pat the powder puff into the powder, tapping of any excess. I then place it on the areas of skin I wish to set and roll the puff over the skin whilst pushing the powder into the skin. This helps to fill in any unsightly pores along the way!
  3. Flat eye-shadow brush - Used to apply shadow to the eye lids or even the lower lashline
  4. Blending brush - This helps to blend in the eye-shadow, giving the look a more natural finish
  5. Angled liner brush - I keep two of these, one to fill in my eyebrows and one to apply eyeliner
  6. Medium sized duo fibre brush  - Used to apply blush. Duo fibre brushes pick up the smallest amount of product whilst blending it in beautifully. These brushes are perfect for anybody who has a heavy hand.
  7. Blush brush - I use a small sized blush brush to apply my bronzer. I find that this helps it look more natural as it does not pick up too much product. 
  8. Powder brush - I use this to blend my blush and bronzer after applying them with the other brushes mentioned. 
Remember, not all brushes or makeup tools must be used for their sole purpose. I use many tools for things other than what is stated on the packaging. For example, a blush brush to apply my bronzer. If you think that something looks like it will work, go for it! You will never know until you experiment. I mentioned above that I own two angled liner brushes. One of them is an angled paint brush which works just as well as the actual makeup liner brush! It was also a lot less expensive...

I understand that one of the biggest mistakes made in makeup comes with foundation application. Should you use your fingers, a standard foundation brush, kabuki brush? It all gets so confusing! Below is a little diagram courtesy of Sigma Beauty which may give you a better idea of which brush you should be using.



  1. I really need to expand my brush collection, especially for my face products. I love the little brush map you included at the end, I love doing little quizzes like that in magazines. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

    1. It is definitely something worth investing in :) I could not live without my brushes! I highly recommend Eco Tools if you have not already tried them as they are super soft and don't shed a hair!

      I am glad you liked the brush map :D Thought it may help a few ladies.



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