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Being a beauty blogger has many perks, one of them being to work with a variety of brands and companies.  I believe that everybody deserves a little help to gain the recognition they deserve as long as my opinions remain that of my own. 

About a month ago I was contacted by the Tracey Bell Clinic asking if I would like to test out their skincare line "SkinScription". I was also able to choose a treatment of my choice which was very exciting! Of course I jumped at this amazing opportunity, as beauty is my number one priority when it comes to blogging.

Tracey Bell is a medical aesthetic clinic, specialising in treatments such as surgical, non-surgical, spa treatments, dental etc. There are two clinics, one based in Isle of Man and one in Liverpool, which is where I attended. As I was able to choose a treatment to test out, I decided to go for a CND Shellac manicure. I have always heard how amazing these manicures are and had been wanting to try one for ages! 

The day of my appointment could not arrive quick enough. I was so excited to not only try out the treatments but to also see a clinic of this kind for the first time! On arrival, I was so surprised at how beautiful the clinic is. The decor is stunning and really makes you feel special when entering. The staff were so friendly and could not of made me feel more welcome. 

The lady doing my nails was named Hayley. She was so lovely and made me feel very relaxed. Hayley kindly showed me the range of CND colours available for me to choose from. I finally settled on a shade called "Rose Bud" which is a beautiful dusty pink colour. As Hayley got to work on my manicure, she kindly explained each step of the Shellac manicure process. Each step was very short yet relaxing and took no longer than 20 minutes. The end result was more than I expected, I couldn't of been happier with the service provided by the staff at Tracey Bell. 

I was told that Shellac manicures typically last up to 2 weeks. I am not going to lie, I was quite sceptical at first as my nails chip very fast due to daily chores. After actually having the manicure and seeing how well it really held up, I am more than likely going to be having my nails done again! My nails lasted a whole week and 3 days before getting a very small chip, which to be fair, was probably my own doing. After leaving my nails for exactly two weeks and one day, I finally removed the polish. This was super easy to do and I will have a post up shortly explaining how I removed it. 

Overall my experience with CND Shellac was an absolute pleasure! This is with great thanks to the Tracey Bell Clinic and their Liverpool staff. What a friendly bunch, I highly recommend a visit! As I mentioned before, the whole experience was a pleasure and seeing as the nails stayed perfect for a VERY long time, what more could I have asked for?

The images pictured below where taken a few day after the manicure and also around a week later too. As you can see, it still looks perfect minus some slight growth (I have been taking my vitamins haha) which is completely unnoticeable to others in person.

Tracey Bell Clinic
CND Shellac



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