Lilac Shimmer: A Summer Nail Look

I have always loved glitter nail polishes but for some reason, only ever owned a few. A few weeks back, whilst at the Liverpool Urban Hair Show, I spotted some gorgeous glitters by Technic. There were so many shades of glitter to choose from that I had to refrain from buying the lot! I ended up choosing two of my favourites, one of them being the glitter which was used for this look "Black Mirror".

Typically, this glitter would most likely be paired with a darker polish but I wanted to experiment with my favourite ever nail paint from Barry M "NP308 Berry Ice Cream". It is a gorgeous lilac shade which really helps to enhance a tan. As this was my first time testing this darker glitter, I decided to just put it on my "accent nail" (ring finger). I ended up being very impressed with the end result as the Black Mirror glitter has little specks of turquoise, green and bronze glitters as well as black and silver. These really go beautifully with the lilac shade and the black glitters give it something extra and different which I really like!

For this look I applied two coats of Barry M "Berry Ice Cream" on each nail. I then applied two coats of glitter to my ring finger, allowing it to dry before applying Essie 3 Way Glaze as my top coat. I have now had this look on my nails for a week and have noticed that the nail with the glitter still looks perfect! Next time I think I will go all out and apply "Black Mirror" to each nail. 

Technic do not seem to have their own website, I have seen their polishes available on many independent websites such as EBay.




  1. This is so pretty, I love anything lilac and sparkly. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

    1. Thank you sweetness.

      It turned out to be so pretty, definitely my favorite nail look for the Summer now!

      Hope you are well!



  2. Ooh such a nice combo of polishes!:)


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