Bella Sorella Tour: Lydia-Rose Bright Interview

Last week I was kindly invited to attend the Liverpool press hour launch of Lydia-Rose Bright's "Bella Sorella" Tour at Model 101 Fashion Agency. I was extremely excited to meet Lydia and have the opportunity to interview her for my blog! 

For everybody who doesn't know, Bella Sorella is the name of Lydia's Boutique which is located in Essex. Lydia owns this boutique along with her sister, hence the name "Bella Sorella" which is Italian for "Beautiful Sister". How cute! 

On arrival to the press hour, I was welcomed by the lovely Model 101 team. I arrived a little early so of course I had to have a little nosey at the beautiful items of clothing! Everything was set out nicely considering the small space they had to work with. Each item of clothing was gorgeous! If it had been pay day, I would of bought it all!

Onto my interview with Lydia. I had compiled a few questions which my readers from both Facevook and Twitter had sent to me. I wanted to ask her questions which related to the blog and all of them fit in perfectly! 

Me: "What makeup item can you not live without?"
Lydia: "I cannot live without my foundation! I always use MAC's studio fix foundation."

Me: "What is your favourite brand of makeup?"
Lydia: "I don't stick to one brand of makeup as I do have a lot of favourite items. I do tend to own a lot more MAC products though but love other brands such as Chanel."

Me: "If you could only use two items of makeup, what would they be?"
Lydia: "If I could only use two items, they would have to be my foundation and lip balm. I love to use Carmex lip balm as I tend to get dry lips."

Me: "What is your current "go-to" hairstyle?"
Lydia: "I usually style my hair like this (voluminous waves). I would love to have straight hair like yours! I just find it difficult because I wear extensions!"

Me: "Who is your style inspiration?"
Lydia: "My style inspiration has got to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City."

Me: "Do you have a favourite Designer?"
Lydia: "I have four favourite designers at the moment which are; Chanel, Dior, Marchesa and Alice and Olivia."

Me: "Do you read beauty or fashion blogs? If so, do you have a favourite?"
Lydia: "I love to look at blogs as many followers tweet me their links. My favourite would have to be Zoella."

Me: Where you ever bullied? If so, how did you deal with it?"
Lydia: "I have been very fortunate to have never been bullied. I come from a large family so was always looked after. My advice to anybody being bullied is to tell somebody. Confide in your family as they will help you through it. Having somebody to talk to is very important."

Me: "Last of all, will you be designing any more home items such as bedding for your Bella Sorella collection?" 
Lydia: "I would be interested in designing more home items but am currently focusing on clothing as we have launched our items in New Look and on the ASOS website. Bedding is something I would like to do though as I have become more familiar with fabrics since designing clothing. If it were shoes, I would probably find it more difficult to branch into as I am not experienced in that area."


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