Tracey Bell SkinScription: InfraStructure Matrix Rebuilding Serum

About two months ago I was invited along to Liverpool's Tracey Bell clinic. As well as offering me a free treatment, Tracey Bell also provided me with two of their "SkinScription" skin care treatments to test out for review. I am a massive skincare junkie so was so excited to be offered this amazing opportunity!

Tracey Bell is an established beauty clinic which offers both surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments. As well as being based in Liverpool, they also have a clinic in the Isle of Man. For a list of all Tracey Bells procedures, please follow the link to their website which will be noted below.

Tracey Bells lovely team of skin experts provided me with two products from the SkinScription line; InfraStructure Matrix Rebuilding Serum and DermaTox Intervention Cream. As I have recently used all of the Matrix Rebuilding Serum, I have chosen to review this first.

Tracey Bell describes their SkinScription line as "non-surgical solutions". These treatments range from anti wrinkle injections, lip fillers, acne treatments, laser treatments, non-surgical face lifts and skin resurfacing. To my knowledge, the Matrix Rebuilding Serum is a skin resurfacing product. The reason I say this is due to the fact that my skin looked like "new skin" after using this product! 

Before I get ahead of myself, let me start off by saying, I have tried many serums in the past. These range from affordable serums to very high end serums. I have only ever seen a slight difference with one of those serums so as you can imagine, I was not filled with hope. The same day I was given these products, I used them right after showering. I loved how the serum felt and smelt, it was very refreshing! The instructions state to apply this product twice daily to a clean face and neck. I religiously did this for the entire two months that this 15ml product lasted for. 

I began to notice a great difference in my skin quite soon after I began to use it. I have quite large pores around my t-zone which have been a bother to me since my teens. I have used a lot of products in hope of reducing them but never had any luck whatsoever. That's how I knew this serum was my new holy grail! I saw a massive reduction in pore size and saw how fresh my skin looked! I really cannot stress how much I love this serum, I wish I had an endless supply of it as I was so upset when it finished! I feel as though, with prolonged use, my pores may actually stay reduced. Only time will tell, lets hope I can get my hands on this again soon!

If you have tried any treatments from the Tracey Bell skin care range, please leave a comment below. Also let me know if you know of a holy grail pore reducing product!

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* The items mentioned in this post were given to me for review. All opinions are my own. 

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