London Fashion Week: A Diary of My Weekend

One thing I never thought would happen to me did this year, I was invited to attend London Fashion Week! It all began when my lovely friend invited me along to the "Fashion International" show as her guest on Saturday 14th. I was extremely excited and of course jumped at the opportunity! After weeks of planning, I started receiving invites to events or shows which was too exciting! Unfortunately, there were many I could not attend as I was only able to stay in London for two nights. Fingers crossed for next season!

My schedule was to be as follows:


3:30am: Wake up, get ready and finish packing any essentials.
5:20am: Jump in a taxi to the coach station ready to be picked up at 5:50am.
5:50am: Board coach.
12:30pm: Arrive at London Victoria
1:15pm: Board coach to Embankment
1:30pm: Arrive at hotel and hopefully check in!

After checking in to my hotel room, my plan was to quickly jump in the shower, do my hair and makeup and put on some fresh clothing in order to attend the "Design by Shanghai" multi-brand showcase. What I didn't realise was that my check in time had to be after 3:00pm, no earlier! Due to this, I had to drop off my suitcase and wonder around London for an hour and a half with two very heavy bags after travelling for more than 6 hours straight! You may all be wondering, "why did you travel by coach instead of train Helena?" There is a method to my madness. I love to travel for long periods of time as I can stare out of the window and become a dreamer for the day. Had I anticipated the lateness of my arrival to London, I would most definitely had booked a train instead. Anyway, long story short. I ended up missing the "Design by Shanghai" show. This made me so sad, therefore, travelling by train is my only future option from now on!


8:00am: Rise and shine!
9:45am: Leave the hotel and grab some morning coffee.
10:30am: Arrive at One Aldwych hotel for event.
12:00pm: Leave One Aldwych and have a little nosey around the city.
3:00pm: Arrive back at my hotel and grab a bite to eat.
5:30pm: Get ready for tonight's show.
6:30pm: Leave hotel 
6:45pm: Arrive at Charing Cross hotel for event.
8:30pm: Restaurant time!

I started off my Saturday trying to contain my nerves as I was about to attend my first ever blogger event. A "blogger event" is something which is set up in order for bloggers to network with established brands and fellow writers. After barely being able to eat my breakfast I swiftly left on my quest for One Aldwych hotel. I arrived in a flash and was kindly greeted by the lovely Krista Madden! Krista is the founder of "Handpicked Media" who represent an array of online talent, helping people like myself to connect and build relationships with fellow bloggers and brands.

Once I had signed in I was told to make myself comfortable and freely network with any brands I may be interested in. In the main suite stood; Bourjois, Anna Lou of London, HD Brows and Superdry. Every representative from each brand was extremely welcoming and lovely! I felt right at home and was gifted products from each brand to try out for my blog! As well as being gifted amazing products, I had my nails manicured by Superdry (manicure and base colour) and Bourjois (fancy designs) as well as having my makeup done by Bourjois!

In another room stood Mandara Spa, unfortunately I did not have time to receive a treatment but what I did see, looked amazing! In the last room stood Moroccan Oil as well as a huge selection of other brands. I was given a bag and told to browse through all of the brands and fill my bag with anything and everything I wanted! After chatting to some amazing bloggers, I had the amazing opportunity to have my hair styled by the one and only Errol Douglas! Even now, I am still trying to wake myself up from that dream of sharing the same oxygen with such an inspirational stylist! Errol was given the great task of trying to curl my hair whilst making it last for that nights "Fashion International Show". Of course he pulled it out of the bag and literally produced a miracle or sorts!   

After spending a lot more time at the Handpicked Media event than expected, I quickly rushed back to the hotel. Being a blogger, photography is more important than eating... As soon as I got to my room, out came the camera ready to document my lovely hair, nails, makeup and outfit. After taking hundreds of photographs, I finally manged to get myself ready and out the door in time for the Fashion International show. I ended up speaking to a lovely lady outside of the gorgeous Charing Cross hotel. On introducing each other, we came to learn that we both have something in common. She was one of the regional managers for Fake Bake who was on the lookout for bloggers. I squealed, "I'm a blogger!"She then kindly showed me upstairs and gifted me some products to test out. It's all about being in the right places at the right time! I also met another lovely lady from Fake Bake and spent all of my time prior to the show, chatting to them! 

The Fashion International show was amazing and ended on a high. Designers; Dee Duce, House of MobĂ©, Gianni Lilliu, Luna Sky and Omar Mansoor each showcased incredible pieces and had the audience's attention at all times. I was extremely proud of my friend who walked for some of the nights designers. She did amazingly well! During the event, I took so many pictures and ended up with a dead arm... oh the joys! After the show me and my friend decided to go for some food. We ended up at an Italian restaurant called Zizzi. We ordered food and of course, some wine! The food was delicious... I then took her for a celebratory drink before calling it a night. 

I started my Sunday morning off by checking out of the hotel at 10:30am. Leaving my case in storage, I went for a wonder around London for the last time. I picked up a few souvenirs for the family and had a lovely breakfast at Costa. I then ended up at Embankment Gardens. Whilst taking some pictures, I bumped into Ruth Crilly! Ruth is a well known beauty blogger, YouTube "guru" and model from "A Model Recommends". She was in a great hurry but was so lovely and found the time to chat with me, take a picture as well as including me in her vlog!

After all that excitement, my day turned for the worst. It's a long story but lets just say that it was a travel day from hell! I did however arrive home safely after travelling from 12:50pm until 9:30pm! Overall, Fashion Week was something I will remember for the rest of my life. I am extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity. I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely friend for inviting me in the first place, LSE Northumberland House for making my stay extremely comfortable, Design by Shanghai, Fashion International, Charing Cross hotel, Handpicked Media and all of the brands who participated. 

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LFW, Fashion International

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LFW, Fashion International

LFW, Fashion International

LFW, Fashion International

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London, Embankment Gardens, LFW, London Fashion Week, Beaut Chic, Helena Gomez,

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  1. You had one packed two days but a fabulous time. Jealous, I couldn't go this year - hope to be able to see you next time :) xo

    1. Definitely!

      If would be great to see you... fingers crossed!



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