Where have I been?!

Today I wanted to just take a moment to update you all on what's been going on with me recently. I have not forgotten you all but have been super duper busy chasing up opportunities to create great content for my lovely readers! This year has been filled with so many great things, I have found it hard to really grasp what has been happening. As well as teaming up with some amazing people and businesses this year, I interviewed the lovely Lydia-Rose Bright! 

I started off the year by creating a vision board. This board was filled with things I wanted to accomplish in the future. I placed it next to the mirror I get ready in front of every morning so that I could be reminded of what it is I wish to achieve. My blog was a part of my vision board but I never thought that it would have such a positive effect on my life so soon. I began to really focus on Beaut Chic and it has certainly paid off. Although I do not have thousands of followers, my readers always make me feel so happy! I love reading the comments, even if it's only one, it always makes my day!

So, I have started to ramble! 

The main point of this post was to just let everybody know that I have not disappeared. I promise that I have some very exciting posts to come soon. I am attending London Fashion Week at the end of this week which is just phenomenal! I will be there on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th and hope that I get to meet some fellow bloggers! I plan to take lots of photographs and upload some great posts on my return.

For now I am just going to relax on the couch, in my pink fluffy dressing gown, sipping some nice warm tea!

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