Makeup Tips for Events

Attending prestigious events can sometimes be daunting, "What do I wear?" "How should I do my makeup?!" It is sometimes easier to not always think out of the box and opt for something a little more simplistic. When attending events, expect to be photographed. Events are typically jam packed with members of the press such as magazine and news paper photographers so it is important to look presentable not over done. 

My go-to look for events is always simple. I try to stick with my everyday look whilst adding a little extra something. May this be a bolder lip colour or eyeliner, always use something that you know works for you. There is nothing worse than trying out that new red lipstick to find that it has bled down to your chin come evening! 

In the images below, taken from a couple of different events, you can see see that I am wearing makeup but it is quite minimalist. This is the look I usually go for if the event is held in a well lit venue during the evening.

The top 3 things to consider when doing your makeup for an event are:

1. Is the event held in the day time or evening?
2. Will there be natural or artificial lighting used?
3. Is there going to be a lot of flash photography?

If the event is held in the day, stick to your daily makeup routine (if you have one of course) by keeping things very simple and light. Nobody wants to look like a clown during the day and especially don't overdo the eyes by adding false lashes! On the other hand, if the event is held in the evening, go all out! Add some sparkling shadow, eye liner and a bold lip. The best tip I can give you is to choose between a bold eye look or a bold lip. Never do both as this will look overdone. A bold lip with simple eyes looks beautiful, the same as a bold eye look with neutral lips!

Natural and artificial lighting can affect how your makeup looks. If you overdo the powder for instance, natural lighting is going to pick up on that and make it look cakey, whereas stronger artificial light can make it look more flawless. Make sure to keep this in mind.

Flash photography is something to be considered. A lot of foundations and creams contain SPF which is fantastic but not so much when using flash photography as it can cause a white cast over the face. Stay away from products containing SPF in the night as you are more than likely not going to need it. In the day, I would still use it but a very small amount. I recommend pre-planning your makeup look and taking a picture of yourself using flash just to see if the products used wash you out.

Events, Makeup, Fashion, Makeup for special occasions, Fashion for events

Events, Makeup, Fashion, Makeup for special occasions, Fashion for events


  1. such a good post, i've never seen anyone do one like this. should be handy if i ever get invited to one!

    lovely post,
    zofia xo

    1. What a lovely comment, that's made my day now. I hope it does come in handy!

      Thank you so much,


  2. Very informative post! Didn't know about the SPF and flash...


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