2014 Trend Report: Hair

The most exciting part of a new year, for me at least, is finding out what the upcoming trends are going to be. I love looking through images from the runway, deciding on the trends that I think will suit me best and putting them into practice! 

This year, the hair trends are definitely one of my favourites. I admire that there is such a wide variety of trends hitting the runway right now. I especially love how accessories are being put to good use, creating these beautiful intricate designs in the hair, allowing us to have a bit more fun!


This look is such a beautiful classic. It is a style that always pops on and off the runway yet is extremely timeless. This look can be created in many different ways. I will be testing out my Enrapture Jumbo Waver for this look, look out for a future post on how it turned out!


Plaits are a fun way to pull any look together. I love this hairstyle for days when my hair just wont go! It's such an easy way to give that little something extra to an outfit, making you look chic as heck along the way! I like to play around with different plaits depending on my mood. My current favourite is the fish tail braid! You can spice up this look by gently loosening sections of hair around the face and backcombing the plait with your fingers to mess it up.


Silky, shiny looks were seen all over the runway. Not to every body's taste, I understand but in moderation can make most looks look very elegant. I like to add shine to my hair when creating the sleek pony tail look. I do this by spraying any stray hairs with some medium-strong hold hairspray and then setting the entire look to add some extra shine. Just be careful to not spray to close to the hair as this can cause stiffness as well as flakes! 


My favourite trend of 2014 has got to be the accessory trend. There are so many options for glamming up your look, from flower hair slides to big ribbons. This trend is something to play around with, have fun with it! I will be using detailed headbands and lots of ribbons for my look this year!


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