Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I have always had a major issue with dark under eye circles. They often make me look tired as well as ill, which is not fun when you want to spend the day in minimal makeup! I have tried and tested many concealers over the years but have never fully been satisfied with the level of concealment. That was until now!

Having seen a few reviews online of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, I was desperate to try it for myself and even more eager to test the sponge applicator which looked like so much fun to use! The sponge is "pre-treated" so it will not harbor any bacteria. The packaging is "twist up" which means that there is a top base which slowly pushes down the product which in turn pulls the concealer up and out as you twist, leaving no residue at the top, therefor no wasted concealer! 

As I mentioned in my 2013 favourites, I purchased this concealer in a shade lighter than intended (light instead of medium) which ended up being a great mistake as it works perfectly for covering up any redness I have under my eyes. If you look at the images above (my apologies for the quality, both of my memory cards for my camera are missing so I had to use my phone for the comparisons!) you will see that I had very dark circles before, once the concealer has been applied, these diminish considerably, leaving the perfect base for foundation! You could also use this to conceal any other redness on the face, I typically use a little around my nose too. 

I find that this concealer blends so easily, covers perfectly, is very buildable and leaves the skin looking so natural, like nothing has been used what-so-ever! Typically, concealers can look very drying underneath my eyes but this looks so natural and actually acts as a highlighter too, brightening the area, reducing any shadows along the way!

These images were taken using concealer only, no foundation was applied to show the full effect. 



  1. Oh wow, will deffo give it a try after I finish the one I'm using now :)

    1. Definitely do!

      It has changed my life haha!



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