Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night

I am all for the anti-aging products. I love how they make my skin feel, so plump and supple. A lot of people think that using anti-aging creams at my age (22) is a bit crazy but I have been using them for many years and believe that they work best for my skin in terms of hydration. 

I own many different moisturisers, serums, gels, etc. but none of them make my skin feel as nice as anti-aging creams. I believe that this is due to the higher level of concentrated moisturisers included in the ingredients which helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines by keeping the skin more hydrated.

At the moment, I am loving the Estée Lauder "Advanced Time Zone Night" cream which is said to be an "age reversing line/wrinkle cream". Estée Lauder claim that the benefits of this cream include an intensive night time treatment for younger looking skin, fast. I absolutely agree with the use of the word "intensive" as the hydration benefits of this product are great. The cream is of a very thick consistency which takes a little more work to apply as you may not want to go overboard due to the higher price tag of £56.00 for 50ml. To control the amount of product I use each application, I make sure to take one medium sized amount onto my finger, dotting it on my chin, cheeks, forehead and nose before gently blending it into the skin.

As this is a night cream, I would not recommend using it in the day as it gives the appearance of a shinier complexion and it would not prove suitable for applying foundation on top of, unless you have very dry skin which would absorb most of the product before hand. I have however worn this around the house during days when I am not going to be heading outside or wearing any makeup too. 

If you like to apply serums before your creams, this routine works very well with the Advanced Time Zone Night cream as I do this every evening. The serum I am currently using is the Yves Saint Laurent "Forever Youth Liberator" which works like a dream with the Estée Lauder cream. 

Overall I love this product and will definitely repurchase again in the future. It is comparable to my two other holy grail creams; Chanel's "Hydramax Active Nutrition" and L'Oreal's "Youth Code Night" with the exception that each of the creams' differ in constancy and of course, price.


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