I Am on The Cover of A Magazine!

Today's post is very exciting for me as you may be able to grasp from the title, I am on the cover of a magazine! I can't even begin to tell you all how blessed, excited and happy I am right now...

If you read my previous post you would of seen the behind the scenes of the "For Any Woman" magazine shoot. It was a very fun day, filled with lots of new experiences and networking with extremely inspirational women. I also had the pleasure of meeting the very talented photographer Arnis Usackis and videographer Uldis Abolins. Make sure to head on over to my "behind the scenes" post, if you have not already, to view the amazing video footage from the day!

Before I give you the link to the magazine, I would first like to thank Datsa Gaile, For Any Woman magazine editor. I am so grateful to have met her and had this fantastic opportunity! I would also like to thank all of the models for accepting my offer to join me on the cover and for being beautiful, full stop!

I will let you read all about these lovely ladies in the magazine here: March 2014 Issue of For Any Woman



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    1. Thank you SO much Janeese! It's beyond exciting, blogger represent ;)


  2. Aw amazing, well done honey :)

  3. wicked bbe i love it xxx


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