Andrew Collinge: Exclusive Blogger Event

A few weeks ago I received the most exciting email... It was an invite to attend the Andrew Collinge Graduates: Training Salon which is located on Bold Street, Liverpool. Chosen were just 6 beauty and fashion bloggers; Myself, Laura, Jade, Samantha, Hannah and my good friend Jurga who, unfortunately, was unable to attend but had her boyfriend come and take some amazing snaps of the night, which are featured in today's post!

Not only was this a very exclusive event, which in itself was already exciting, the man himself, Andrew Collinge was to be present on the night! I can't explain how honored I felt to be chosen, you can only imagine! 

The night soon approached, after weeks of being super excited, I started to become nervous as this was such a big night for us girls! I left my house early and caught a train to Liverpool. After arriving too early, I took a little time to sit down and calm my excitement a little before meeting up with 3 of the girls. We entered the salon, which is absolutely stunning! The salon itself is so grand, with its giant entrance and bright lights it immediately transported me back to London where a lot more buildings have the same feel of luxury and space. We were immediately greeted, to my surprise, by Andrew! I think I froze for a second as I began to feel very starstruck before introducing us all as "the bloggers" haha... cringe!  

I always expected Andrew to be a lovely person but the person we met was even better! He was so welcoming and warm from the beginning and made us feel so at home. We were immediately sat down with a nice glass of bubbly and given a lovely welcome talk from Andrew who told us all about the salon and what it is they do. He made sure to take all of our names which was lovely as he politely referred to us all by them throughout the night. After our lovely talk and introduction to some of the stylists, we were then offered a cut and blow dry! With such an amazing opportunity being handed to us, how could we refuse!

We all were introduced to our own personal stylists, my stylist, Rachael, is a permanent stylist who works at the Bold Street salon. She was so lovely and made me feel very comfortable. As we ran through what I wanted, Andrew came up and started to admire my hair! Not only did he touch it, he said that my hair is "glorious"... eek! As you all know, my hair is super long but had recently been trimmed by the one and only, Moi haha! Just to make sure I had not left my hair looking un-even, I asked if she could just straighten everything out whilst blowdrying my hair straight. Rachael led me to the shampooing station which had to be most most favoured part of the experience as she gave me the most amazing head massage which almost sent me to sleep! If I knew that Jurga's boyfriend was not wandering around with his camera, I most probably would of been catching flies!

After my massage and trim, Rachael blowdryed my hair which did not take long at all. The reason I mention this is because my hair usually takes ages to be styled so I was very impressed! I also love how she applied my favourite, "Moroccan Oil" to my locks before styling as the smell is so divine and reminds me of my time at London Fashion Week last year!

As my hair was done before the other girls, I had a nice chat with Jurga's boyfriend as well as a mini photoshoot! It was so kind of him to do this for me as I had only taken my iPhone along with me on the night. As you can see from the photo's, I am no model haha! I become so shy in front of the lens, which is something I should work at! 

After a lovely night of socialising and photoshoots with the girls and the stylists, Andrew handed us all an amazing goodie bag filled with TIGI hair products! I was so sad that the night was over and did not want to leave! Andrew has such a lovely personality and is somebody that I think we all could of spoken to for hours on end! 

Have you had the Andrew Collinge experience? If not, you must! £5 for an amazing blowdry at the Bold Street salon is a must for any hair lover!

A huge thank you to Jurga's boyfriend who was our amazing photographer. Also a massive thank you to Andrew Collinge and all of the stylists at the Bold Street Salon. We had an amazing time!



  1. Glad you had a good time and liked the photos :)

  2. Thanks lovely!


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