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Get Lashed fake eyelashes have been around for some time now. I first found out about the brand a few years ago with my subscription of Elle Magazine. I received two pairs; "Get Natural" & "Get Fluttery" but only ever used the natural pair as I am typically a bare lash lover. I remember immediatly falling in love with these as they looked like my lashes but 10x better! I did not apply any mascara or even liner to the base of the lashes yet they blended in perfectly!

Moving along to recent times... 

The other week, a friend of mine, Jurga and I decided to have a photo shoot for both of our blogs (photograph credits to her and her boyfriend!) I knew that I wanted to showcase some new or unused products and decided to jump out of my comfort zone by making use of the Get Fluttery lashes. These lashes are definitely not natural looking, with their feathered corners and dramatic flare, they sure do stand out in images which is exactly what I wanted them to do! 

Behind the scenes of the shoot

These lashes are more sparsely placed making the inner 2/3 more natural looking. The outer 1/3 is made up of lashes and 5 triangular feathers which are solely black. The feathers are very soft and not heavy which makes wearing them very comfortable. Considering I never wear lashes, these did not bother me at all! Enclosed in the pack is a tube of glue which is plenty to last throughout the 5 applications (or more) of Get Fluttery lashes as well as many more pairs of lashes. I did notice that the glue needed longer than 30 seconds to become "tacky" so do be mindful of this when applying. 

Our photo shoot lasted for four hours, I wore these for around two of these before removing for an outfit change. Throughout those two hours, the lashes did not show any signs of budging yet they were easily removed without any discomfort. The only thing I had to do was reapply a little eye liner to my top lashes as this came away just a little bit. Overall, out of all of the lashes I have tried, these have to be my favourite up to now. I specifically liked how flexible the bands were on these as this made it easier to apply and adjust each lash without any bother.

Please note that the "Get Fluttery" lashes are not currently available on the website. This may be due to discontinuation. 


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