Ladies Day at Aintree

Thanks to all of my amazing followers who voted, I won the Ladbrokes Ladies Day Outfit Challenge! My prize were two tickets for Aintree's 2014 Ladies Day. I was extremely excited for such an amazing opportunity as I had never attended before! Prior to attending, I made sure to do much research on past events which included reading lots of funny articles based around the "worst dressed" victims of Ladies Day. This of course made me so nervous to be photographed on the day which resulted in me dodging all cameras once the day arrived... which seemed to work a treat!

My guest ticket was given to my Mum who had also never attended a Ladies Day event which made it a joint experience which I am so glad we shared. She arrived extra early at my house, ready to be pampered by me who ended up rushing around, flustered as heck, due to a bad makeup malfunction! This meant that I had to re-do my entire face which wasted too much time making us an hour late... oops! 

My outfit, which unfortunately was not photographed fully, consisted of; a textured pale pink fitted midi dress, matching coloured heels and black accessories with the exception of my stunning pink stone earrings, which were a recent gift from my amazing hubby, and my head band which was pale pink with black stones. I also ended up taking my coat as the weather was not too nice which ended up being a great idea as it was absolutely freezing!

On arrival, my Mum and I wandered around the grounds, searching for a beverage and then the County Stand. After finding the stand, we received our lovely wristbands and wandered up stairs to have a nosey at the race course and stayed to watch a race before wandering back out for a bite to eat. As I am sure most of you know, the food and drink prices are pretty steep so we stuck to sharing a tray of chips and had a little sit down after eventually grabbing a seat.

After another race and a wonder around the trophy stands, we decided to leave before the final race, thinking that the trains would be a lot less packed. Oh, how we were wrong! The line into the train station was super long but quickly reduced as we all had a laugh and received some freebies along the way. These included some lovely green flip flops which were much needed after a long day of wearing heels. The train ride back to Liverpool was fun, squished like sardines, we all boiled to death but it was so worth it!

The experience of Ladies Day was something I will not forget and is something I look forward to attending again! This year I did not place any bets (I have no idea how to!) but may well do so next year...



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