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One of my most complimented "features" is my hair. I often get comments from complete strangers, complimenting my long locks... Everybody always asks what products I use to keep my hair healthy but to be honest, I am constantly switching things up so today I am not going to recommend a wide array of products (maybe just two) and instead give you a few tips on how I keep my hair long and healthy. 

One of the main reasons I believe that my hair has stayed so healthy between cuts is down to the fact that I do not colour it often. The colour you see on me, always, is my natural shade but sometimes I like to give my hair a little oomph my adding a slightly lighter shade of brown. This is done, at most, twice a year, if not just once. It is mainly because I get bored and like to fool myself into feeling like I have made more of a major change when in reality, it is not even noticeable!

When it comes to cuts, I used to religiously have my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This was without fail and really helped me get to the point I am at today. Gradually I started to notice that my hair was growing incredibly fast which made me stop attending hair appointments and instead just going when I could see signs of breakage. I don't really know why my hair suddenly hit a growth spur. I always try to keep a consistent diet but did make sure to stick to drinking mainly water with the occasional coffee. 

I am not somebody who can go without washing my hair. Everyday I plan on leaving the house for more than a quick run to the shop, I make sure to wash my hair. This is obviously quite damaging to the hair as it can dry it out. The thing is, I do not notice this... I believe that this is because I allow my hair to "rest" on the days that I am home. This means just giving my hair 1 extra day without washing which, to be honest with you, I do not enjoy but the end result helps. I notice that my hair keeps a natural shine whether I use a conditioner, serum or shine spray. 

If you have long hair like mine you will know how difficult it can be to deal with. Knots can be a problem after washing the hair so I recommend gently brushing out those locks before entering the bath/shower. After shampooing, apply a good amount of conditioner but not too much. I like to wash my hair as soon as I get in the shower or bath so that I can let my conditioner sit whilst I finish up my routine. One thing that I do twice a week, but is not usually recommended, is apply conditioner from the ends and spread whatever is left  up to the roots, massaging the remainder into my scalp. Not only does this feel great but it makes de-tangling much easier. At the end of your wash, rinse the end of the hair with cold water to lock in moisture. I then suggest wrapping your hair in a towel for a few minutes before taking it out, applying a pea sized amount of serum (my favourite is the Angel Fish Smoothing Serum) to the bottom half of your hair (make sure to rub the serum into your fingers before applying in even strokes) and brushing through the hair one more time. This works wonders whether you are air drying, blow drying or sleeping on your hair. 

After all this rambling, I feel as though I still have not covered everything! I do have one more tip for you though, this has to be my most favoured of all... applying heat potectant. This is essential to keeping those locks looking healthy! I have used the TRESemme Heat Defence spray for years now and swear by this beaut! I am not an advocate for using no heat on hair, I love to style my hair and have managed to get it to this length with a fair amount of heat but even more protectant spray... just know when your hair needs a rest. Sometimes it is ok to just go heatless!

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  1. Hannah Rosalie26 May 2014 at 18:11

    You hair always looks amazing!
    I would happily swap ;)
    H x

  2. Thank you Hannah!

    It can be a pain to manage sometimes though haha. I will happily swap on those days ;) xxx


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