Save WhatsApp Memories with Memeoirs

If you have been following Beaut Chic since the beginning, you may remember a post I wrote all about Memeoirs. Memeoirs is an amazing website, dedicated to preserving memories which have been made through email, Facebook and now WhatsApp too!

Launched today, the new WhatsApp feature allows you create a book containing past conversations you wish to save and treasure in hard copy. A great thing for those of you who are very sentimental like I! If you have already read my Online Long Distance Love Story you will know of how my husband and I met. E-mails played a huge part in our everyday communication which is why I was drawn to Memeoirs in the first place. I love what they do, this concept is not like any other I have ever seen before. Memeoirs have taken elements of the digital age and transformed them into personalised pieces to be treasured and shared forever. 

WhatsApp is extremely popular between couples, families and friends. Imagine being able to put all of those memories into one book. Fair enough, you can look through your phone but it is not the same! Books can be passed down through family members, given as gifts or kept as decoration on your bedside table! Also, if you are like me, you may get anxious about losing certain conversations. That is why I will certainly be ordering myself a Memeoirs book as soon as possible!


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