Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait: Long Wear Lip Gloss

Coco Chanel is my all time favourite designer. I love everything about the sophisticated brand she built and it is no secret, to most who know me, that I am a little obsessed!

I remember when I was younger, Chanel was the first designer brand that I really knew of... I was quite girly (until I hit my awkward stage) and loved my Nanna's pearls. I always thought that Chanel was pronounced "Channel", which is quite funny, thinking back to it now! It was not 'til I reached college age that I started to really appreciate everything about fashion. That is when my attitude completely changed and my love began to grow!

A few months ago, I had a photoshoot with my friend/fellow blogger Jurga (photography credits). I went for a defined cat eye look with a bold red lip, if you remember from previous blog post images. The lip gloss used is a favourite of mine and has been for quite some time. A gift I received from my husband before we were even married, this gloss by Chanel in the shade "60 Exces" is very special to me. It took me so long to even open as I treasured it so much (as I said, obsessed!) Once I finally decided to open the product, instead of just staring at it on my shelf, I completely fell in love!

Glosses can range from sheer to bold and can either be smooth or awkwardly sticky. The Chanel Rouge Allure glosses are between sheer and bold. This is because they are very buildable yet pigmented. The formulation is very smooth and glides onto the lips, even when lips are dry! It also lasts a very long time but I would recommend re-touching if you are going to be eating or drinking a lot. 

Strangly enough, I don't own one lip liner! This is because I usually don't have any issues with lipstick's bleeding but I would highly recommend a liner with this product as it is a gloss. If you don't own one like me, just apply a lipstick which will give the lips the perfect base for longer lasting perfection!

The price point of the Rouge Allure glosses range between £25.00-£26.00 so a bit on the pricey side but definitely worth it as the packaging is heavy duty glass. Of course, it also look stunningly beautiful and would make the perfect gift on its own! Remember, Chanel counters offer gift wrapping at no extra cost so be sure to ask for that when you do your shopping.

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I am also wearing Chanel Dragon Nail Polish


  1. What a gorgeous product!
    I'm a new follower to your blog, love it :)

    alicekatex ♥

  2. Thank you so much Alice!



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