Student Recipes: Quick and Easy Red Split Lentil Soup

Term time is approaching fast and whether you are an at home student or a student living away, simple yet healthy eating is a must!

Currys are launching a fantastic new student cookbook (perfect for that new term time start) and have asked me to be a part of it. I am so excited and extremely honored to be contributing to something so exciting and hope that you enjoy my favourite budget abiding recipe!

Being a student comes with many stresses, cooking being one of those. Beans on toast is delicious but who wants to eat that every day?! Having been both a college and university student living away from the family home, I was always concerned about eating nutritious food that did not break my ever diminishing bank balance... After turning my kitchen into an experimental lab, I decided to "man up" and attempt my own soup. Even though soup can be filling, I wanted something that was not fully liquefied, leaving me feeling fuller for longer and decided to add my favourite veggies to the mix.

After much experimenting and a final success, with not only myself but family too, I decided it was time, time to finally share my healthy yet simple red split lentil soup!

So, what will you need? Simply, 4 ingredients.

1 Red Onion

1 Carrot

1 Cup of Red Split Lentils


1 Vegetable Stock Cube

Step 1: Preparation 

Start off by preparing both your carrot and onion. I like to slice my carrot horizontally into round slices and then chop each of those into 4, leaving small triangular carrot pieces. For the onion, I first slice it in half and then slice again into medium sized strips. This is completely up to you though as it really will not make a difference.

Preparing the lentils is easy, simply wash thoroughly.

Step 2: Let the Cooking Commence 

Add all ingredients (including the vegetable stock) to a medium sized pan. Pour in 500ml of boiling water and place on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes, making sure to gently stir occasionally. If the mixture starts to become thick or sticks to the pan, slowly add small amounts of water, allowing the consistency to finish at a medium thickness. You will not need to add any salt to this recipe as the vegetble stock cube will already add all the flavour you need.

Step 3: It's Time to Eat!

Once the lentils and carrots have softened and the soup has reduced to your desired amount, immediately remove the pan from the heat and serve straight into a bowl. If like me you want to look fancy, add a little parsley to the top and enjoy!

Yes, it is simply that easy! Chopping of vegetables is kept to a minimum and the cooking time flies by. That is why I love this recipe - It is so simple yet very nutritious and can be adjusted to serve even more people! You could even tweak it to become your own by adding more ingredients. That is the fun thing about homemade cooking, the possibilities simply are endless!


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