Fashion International: Spring/Summer 2015

For two years running, I have attended the Fashion International multi-designer S/S shows. My experience last year was incredible and I had no idea that it could ever be topped... I was so wrong!
Delna Poonawalla (India)
Valdini Angels (Bulgaria)
Wajahat Mirza (India)
Sharon M Osborne (UK)
Daniel Syiem (India)
Lenie Boya (UK)
Omar Mansoor (UK/Pakistan)

Each designer delivered extraordinary pieces, all works of art which captured each and every one of us. The entire evening was filled with stunning fashion, lovely faces and welcoming arms. I had one of the most spectular nights of my life and could not thank the event organisers much more for their generosity and kindness!

For all of my followers who are interested in reading about my entire weekend, I will be uploading multiple posts over the next week which will present my interviews with designers; Daniel Syiem and Omar Mansoor as well as posts featuring my hair, makeup as well as my fashion choice for the event and my overall diary and thoughts from the weekend... Stay tuned and enjoy the images below!

Designer images courtesy of: Fashion International 

The following images were all taken by me. Feel free to use these in your own publications as long as the watermark remains and images are referenced. I would love to know if you have featured my images. Feel free to email:

Delna Poonawalla

 Valdini Angels

Wajahat Mirza

Sharon M Osborne

Daniel Syiem

Lenie Boya

Omar Mansoor


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