Beaut Chic's Top University Tips for Students

Starting university can be the most exciting yet stressful time of our lives so being prepared is the best way of keeping anxiety levels down and ensuring you stay organised. When I applied for university, it was not really planned. My parents never pushed me to apply which I think was the best thing for me. I always did what I wanted education wise (with support, of course) and ended up making the best decisions which have bought me to where I am today. My Mum always taught me to have a back-up plan for everything, which helped greatly!

As a student, you will learn new tips and tricks along the way. Everybody is different so finding your own university hacks will be a given, but until then, here are a few that may help you including my favorite 3 which have been highlighted.

No Iron?

Your hair straighteners are your best friend! Smooth out creases using a medium heat but always be very careful not to burn yourself!

Shop later in the day

My husband and I always head to our local Supermarket after work around 5:30 pm and always find amazing deals on food which is reaching their sell by date. Don't let dates scare you. These items can be eaten on the day or even packed for the next days lunch and the best thing about it is that will save so much money in the process!

Don't let takeaway menus tempt you! 

I can't begin to describe how many we receive through our door, even now! They are so tempting, even if the fridge is full. Recycling these straight away will help keep those pennies in your pocket for more nutritious foods. Plus, you can make your own pizza, which I am sure will taste so much better!

Books, books, books

Buy your books second hand. This is a great way to save money as university books are very expensive. I suggest borrowing, sharing or purchasing online or in store from a graduate. 

Always make more

When preparing your main meal, make sure to double up and put the other half in the fridge for the next day or deep freeze for times of need.

Create a fun work station for studies

I always want to work more when I have a nice set-up to work at. Right now I am writing this post at my desk which is surrounded by inspirational quotes and fun memorabilia of fun places I have been and exciting things I have worked on. I also love to purchase cute stationary which makes me want to work even harder!

Hide those cheeky snacks

If you will be living with other students, I suggest purchasing a mini fridge for your room. This  is great as you can separate your chocolates or drinks, reducing the chances of them going walkabouts. 

The bank of Mum & Dad

Instead of keeping your student loan in your own bank, transfer it to your parents or somebody you trust who can then release a weekly wage to you. This will keep you from over spending. This does not mean you can't have fun. Keep a bit aside for those wild nights out!

Blog Sales

Us bloggers are always selling our makeup and fashion items. Use this to your advantage and save loads of money. Lots of bloggers sell super expensive items for amazing prices.



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