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Lush is a massive favourite of mine as well as my bloggers friends... We just can't get enough of those beautifully crafted products filled with lovely ingredients, mixed together with love! I can't even remember when I first tried Lush, it was certainly many years ago, way back when all of my fave YouTube Beauty Gurus where obsessed (as they all still are!)

When Lush contacted me with an invite to their "From Root to Tips" Haircare Evening, I could not contain my excitement! Not only was this an opportunity for me to see some blogger buddies, it was an incredible honor. As this class is not currently set in stone, we were called in to give our opinions... 

The evening was SO fun, there were lots of laughs and giggles as well as learning... I even found out that the "tips" of my hair were just sprouting from my scalp approximately four years ago... Yes... FOUR! This was measured by using a small ruler. Go ahead, try it for yourself! Start off by holding a strand of hair out to the side of your head and measure from root to tips. You will certainly be amazed and for reference, my hair is just above my bum. Hehe!

'From Root to Tips' is a fun session that Lush are planning to run next year. Be sure to follow Beaut Chic on Twitter as I will be waiting to announce the news to the world! I am sure through all of their trials, Lush will go ahead with this. I was extremely impressed and left the store feeling fresh and full of new hair knowledge! We even received a lovely consultation which resulted in us walking away with the best hair product suited to our hair type and needs... Beautiful! 

A huge thank you to Lush Spa Liverpool and all of the amazing Lush staff. You have the friendliest employees and I wish you all the best with this wonderful venture!

What is your favourite product by Lush?


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