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I adore fragrances. My collection is quite extensive, ranging from fresh everyday scents to warm fruity/floral's. Considering the size of my ever-growing collection, I had never really heard of a fragrance oil which makes me feel as though I had really missed out on something quite special!

Signature Fragrances contacted me a couple of months ago to see if I wanted to test their fragrances. I was so excited to get my hands on a new product which has yet to be launched... lucky me! My two samples arrived nicely packaged and on first glance, look like any other fragrance sample out there. Don't let this fool you, they are completely unique...

The smallest amount really does go a long way. These oils are pungent and really give off a beautiful, long lasting aroma once applied to the skin. You really only need a tiny dab of product to get the full capacity of these scents. Each time I have worn these, I have applied less and less. As they are oils, the warmth of your body really does help give off that beautiful fragrance, slowly, throughout the day!

Both fragrances are lovely, my favourite has to be the Lola (Modern Touch) scent as this is very me. It is described as being sensual, salient, calm, fruity and sweet which is everything I love in a perfume. It is such a flirty scent and would be great for that first date. The Jasmine fragrance oil (Richness and Nostalgia) is a lot more mature. It is described as being green, warm, sensual, elusive and pure which is such a perfect description! Although it is not something I would wear a lot at the moment, it is very comforting and warm. The perfect scent for any sophisticated lady during these cold Winter months!

Signature fragrances will be launching very soon. I am so excited to see the finished product and from what I can see via their social media channels, the packaging is going to be incredible!

What is your favourite scent? 

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