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Winter is here... the greatest time of year! Although it may be getting chilly, seasonal fashion is always here to help. My favourite style items for this time of year are boots. There are always a pair out there to suit every body's needs. Typically, I turn to the knee high style but this time, I decided to try something new and went with these little beauts by Clarks.

These ankle booties are adorable... They are made using real leather and are very accommodating for wider feet. I range between a UK size 6-7, with 6 being my overall, usual size but what I love about Clarks is that they include 'middle sizes' too which is certainly very exciting for me! The boot slipped on effortlessly and I immediately wanted to tear off my uncomfortable flats and walk out of the store in these!

These booties were mainly chosen for work use. I wear a lot of dresses but my feet can get quite chilly so these are perfect. They look smart yet cute as the shoe comes to a slight point. They are also made with a mix of patterns. The front of the shoe being plain black leather and the back made with a textured snake skin style print which adds that extra bit of fashionable edge. This is still very tasteful and is not something that would make these unsuitable for the work environment. I work in a smartly dressed office and these work just fine.

I am so in love with the zipper detailing. They fall on each side of the boot. The outside zip decorated with the classic Clarks logo and the inner zip a plain cute material pull. These make slipping the boots on and off much easier and allow for any sock adjustments throughout the day! Overall an amazing shoe which is going to be my only Winter boot this year. My Mum was always right, Clarks make some top quality shoes which are a delight to wear day-after-day!

Clarks have many different styles of boot in stock right now! What style are you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I think Clarks sometimes gets overlooked but they have a fab shoe range, and such good quality too. These are lovely.

    Lisa xo |


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