Facial Massage

I have often been fascinated with the art of facial massage. Does it really help tone facial muscle, improve skin tone and its appearance? The answers to these questions lie within the technique used by each individual. If like I, you are forgetful, consistency must become key for impressive results.

I received my facial massager as a Christmas gift. It is by The Body shop and was on the top of my beauty "Must Haves" list for too long! I remember doing my research on facial rollers quite some time ago and came across many scary looking objects. Instead of nice, gentle, rubber-like bristles, which my roller has, they were made up of micro needles which are a step too far for me at this current time. My sensitive skin can just about bare a little face scrub at the moment, never mind a full on prodding! Definitely something I will be testing out in the future though...

Facial rolling/massaging is claimed to have many benefits to the skin such as; wrinkle prevention, congestion relief and toxin clear-out. Facial massaging is also great for decreasing puffiness and allows the skin to better absorb moisturisers and oils. 

For the last two months I have put my gadget to good use at least twice a week. Looking back, I would have preferred to have practiced massaging at least once a day. Although, I have noticed positive results. My skin feels firmer, smoother as well as more awake. There is such an incredible feeling which starts as soon as you begin to massage. You will feel the skin begin to warm up and come to life, making this massage such a luxury treat. It is actually very hard to stop yourself and becomes very addictive! My favourite time to massage is right before bed. After my shower, I hop into some cozy PJ's and quickly jump into bed. I then apply plenty of my favourite night time moisturiser and spend as little or as long as I feel necessary, massaging the product into my skin. I typically find myself doing this for a minimum of 5 minutes.

What a fantastic start to a great nights sleep. Not only do you feel super relaxed before hitting the hay, you can relax knowing that you will wake up with better looking skin than the day before!

If you are new to facial massage, my best recommendation would be to do your research first. I chose to research my techniques through YouTube. I cannot begin to express how relaxing it is to watch others demonstrate!


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