Perfect Looking Foundation All Day Long

Keeping our foundation in place all day long is a struggle most of us go through. Whether you have oily skin or dry, foundation can be a right pest and it is time to put a stop to this, right now!

* Whip out those tissues ladies and gents! *

Something I discovered, not too long ago, would change the way I applied my foundation forever. I remember looking at my skin, thinking "AH! I look so oily!" and at this point was absolutely fed up of applying so much powder at the start of each day. Instead of whipping out my compact and brush, I decided to blot my face with a Kleenex tissue and see how this worked in comparison.

Immediately, I saw my foundation appear more natural. I actually looked less cakey just from gently blotting my face with a folded piece of tissue every morning after application! Instantly astonished, I decided to see how my foundation held up throughout the day and was more than pleasantly surprised to see that it was sitting better on my skin throughout the day without looking blotchy. The best thing? It didn't even seem to oxidise, at all, too!

I dare you to give this a go! Trust me, you will love it too!


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