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Though a healthy, blemish-free skin is universally acclaimed, women across the globe use different methods and products to achieve beautiful, radiant look and to keep aging, wrinkles, acne and similar skin conditions at bay. From the East to the West, skincare regimens and accessories vary greatly, and here we have a short list of some typical beauty routines and products ladies across the globe use to make their skin look smooth, youthful and well-nourished.


Ladies in Russia are very careful when it comes to their skin and its visual appearance and they know just how important regular care is for a healthy look and feel of their largest organ. On average, girls and women in Russia visit their dermatologists and beauticians at least six times a year. The most common skincare procedures younger women use to achieve a radiant look of their skin include cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliation, while laser treatments, mesotherapy, Botox injections and microdelivery peels are extremely popular among older ladies in Russia.


For Chinese ladies, achieving a pale, fresh and youthful skin look is of paramount importance, while tanning and heavy makeup regimens are seen as second-rate to the natural, healthy state of the skin. In summer, many Chinese women opt for skin whitening procedures, while their rule-of-thumb regimens for a healthy, milky skin look throughout the year include getting plenty of sleep, regular cleansing and moisturizing and use of BB or CC creams and organic rice-based skincare products.


In Brazil, a country where beauty is highly valued, women go to incredible efforts to make their faces look as beautiful and as fresh as possible. For Brazilian ladies, regular visits to beauty salons and use of premium skincare products are a must because they are looking to keep the youthful, radiant look for as long as possible. That’s why anti-aging treatments, toning lotions and night creams are the woman’s best ally in Brazil – unlike ladies in other countries around the world, Brazilians rarely age gracefully, so postponing the telltale aging signs is more important than anything.


One of the best-kept beauty secrets of Nigerian women, shea butter boasts a wide range of skin-beneficial properties and nutrients. Rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter keeps skin and hair well-nourished and optimally moisturized and it is also said to have healing-friendly effects so you can use it on damaged or hypersensitive skin. Nigerian women are very fond of their shea butter secret, and they even owe a good portion of their jobs to it – since the word about the benefits of shea spread across the globe, the number of women employed in shea nut collection and processing has been steadily rising.


Ladies in the land down under are also very heedful of the looks of their skin and hair, and due to the climate they live in, they have to go to extra effort just to make sure their skin stays healthy and sunburn-free. The favorite skincare products and treatments in Australia include acne removal procedures, cleansing and moisturizing creams, sunscreens and facial masks such as the premium fruit enzyme mask by the Australian national brand Aspect Skin Care. Packing superior ingredients like acai berry, coffee berry, aloe vera, green tea and vitamin C extract, the fruit enzyme mask nourishes the skin and helps achieve a radiant, healthy look.


Known for bold, fancy makeup, Bulgaria is also home to meticulous skincare addicts. Most popular beauty procedures and items among Bulgarian women include acne removal and anti-aging regimens, sunscreens, cold creams, natural toners, organic moisturizers and rose oil tinctures. Rose oil is very hip in Bulgaria as the country produces 70 percent of the world’s rose oil supply – so if you see a girl sporting a small bottle of this rosy liquid in her purse, you can bank on her being a fan of Bulgarian beauty industry.

Women from different cultures and traditions see beauty in different lights – but the appeal of healthy, fresh and well-nourished skin will probably remain universal for centuries to come.

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