Sexy Pointed Heels

It's already August and London Fashion Week is approaching fast! Better get those outfits ready ladies and gents... it's going to be a good one!

Whilst doing my yearly outfit search, I came across these STUNNING pointed toe heels from New Look. Now I have wide feet so pointed shoes don't always work well for me but as these gorgeous ladies were on sale, I decided to take a risk and hope for the best!

Thankfully my hopes were fulfilled as I slipped one foot into one elegant shoe, nothing rubbed, tugged or squished my pinky toe... Hallelujah! Of course I slipped both heels on and had a little wonder up and down the hallway. I even threw in a few jumps which means I am truly good to go as I am still alive!

The element that caught me by surprise was that the insoles seemed to be softer than usual which prompted me to inspect further. I noticed that these shoes are actually a part of New Look's "Comfort" line which I assume is quite new as I am frequently browsing the online store. 

The tag attached to one heel states that there is:

  • Underfoot Padding
  • Cushioning for your tootsies
  • Leather Insole
So this could possibly be the reason these shoes fit and support my feet much better than usual. Hence, the Comfort line being my new fave! Did I even mention that these beauties are currently on sale for £10?! 

Go get 'em!


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