DIY: Motivational Quote Art

*** Happy New Year Beauts! ***

For my first post of 2016, I wanted to get slightly creative and share one of my favourite DIY activities which helps to motivate me, every year. I love words and can't get enough of motivational quotes. They really do provide that much needed kick up the bum during those desperate low times and I really do recommend popping your favourite inspirational words around your home, work place or even just on your tech devices.

A few years ago, I created a post based around Inspiration Boards. Creating those really did kick start my positive lifestyle and I have tried my best to stick with it ever since. Now that time has passed, I feel that quotes, instead of images, motivate me more so I have decided to create some quote artwork for my office... This was so simple and fun to make! 

All you will need is:
  • A4 sized Clip Frame
  • Pritt Stick
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • A4 sized Plain White Paper
  • Pen
As I am a magazine lover (/hoarder), I decided I would browse through my favourite publications, cutting out any words, sentences or quotes that inspired me. I am so happy that I chose to do this as I love the look of the different fonts and colours... So Pinterest! After cutting many different words out of my magazine, I simply lay everything out, onto one A4 sized piece of white paper, arranging them in the way I wanted them to sit in my frame. Once you have figured out your arrangement, proceed to glue each piece into place, one by one.

Lastly, to fill in the blank gaps, I drew out some heart and butterfly outlines onto a magazine page, gathering a few pages beneath and cut out the duplicate shapes, placing them randomly amongst the quotes... I love how this just adds a little something extra. Now that you have secured everything in place, you can now finish off by placing inside your frame!

Remember, you can use whatever inspires you. Whether it be similar to mine or completely different, you are the artist.


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