Magnitone BareFaced Review

Over the past few years there has been an increase in demand for facial cleansing brushes and to be honest with you, I never really hopped onto the bandwagon as they kind of scared me. Growing up with sensitive skin, I have always been very selective with my skincare and even experienced my own skin nightmare just 2 weeks before my own wedding day!

I remember, I decided to purchase a small facial brush and thought it would be a great idea to scrub... Yes, SCRUB my face so close to the most important day of my life! My skin was so sore and sprouted the most unattractive bumps just days later. After this, I vowed to never put a brush near my face again. That was until now...

Magnitone kindly sent me their BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush around a month ago and I have literally used it everyday since then. I am not going to lie, the beautiful packaging and of course, the pink brush itself, really had me from the get go. Thankfully the gorgeous design of this heavenly gadget made me finally gain back that initial excitement of trying "facial brushing" and from then on, I fell in love!

The packaging claims "visible results from your first time" and I kid you not, they were not lying. My skin felt incredible! As days past, I only experienced one larger breakout, which is to be expected when properly cleansing out the pores, but other than that, nothing!

I have noticed a drastic difference in the size of my pores, which really surprised me. I typically have visible pores but have definitely noticed that they now look dramatically smaller. Due to the smoothness of my skin now, my makeup even applies better and lasts much longer... 

I have noticed that new spots don't ever fully make it to the surface now as this brush seems to magically get rid of them... Even during "that time of the month". I have also received lots of compliments on how nice my skin looks and have been asked, many times now, if I am using new makeup!

I can't rave about this gadget enough!

Why I love the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush:
  1. The brush is very soft and gentle
  2. It's easy to clean
  3. Has brilliant battery charge life
  4. Is lightweight and compact
  5. Cleanses away all traces of makeup
  6. Makes my skin look awesome!

To top it off, included in the box, you also receive a totally awesome magnetic USB charger which attaches itself to the bottom of the handle and is fabulous as you don't have to worry about water getting inside of any electrical ports on the brush as it has none at all. Also included is a pretty little waterproof case, instruction manual and warranty card which holds a 12 month guarantee as well as £5 off any Magnitone purchase, woo!

Take a look for yourself below, the image where my hair is down was taken a few months ago and the other today (with no airbrushing, at all). Can you see a difference?



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