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We all know how much I love to swap and change my skincare products on a regular basis. However, to become a staple in my rotation, you have to really grab my attention from the get go. I have found many gems which have come from the high-street as well as incredible luxury items from top high-end brands. I am certainly not picky when it comes to price, my skin is very important to me and I have been bought up to treat it to only the best.

I remember my first ever items from both Olay and Elizabeth Arden who are both very respectable names in the beauty world. My Grandad bought me my first ever quality nail polish which was actually by Olay... Do they even make those anymore?! From Elizabeth Arden, (can you guess?) I of course received an Eight Hour gift set one year for Christmas and never looked back.

Since trying my first items from both brands, I then went on to test many others and can't think of any faults what-so-ever. In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon Olay Beauty Fluid as I was desperate for a day cream and wandered into my local Co-Op, picking up the best looking one! I knew that there was a high probability that I would enjoy it but not this much!

My favourite thing about this cream (fluid) is that it is extremely light yet highly effective. I have used this throughout most of the winter, underneath my makeup and have loved how it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without making my t-zone more oily. The product sinks into the skin so nicely and I could swear, if blindfolded, that this was a highly expensive item... However, it's less than £6 and has lasted me a long time, considering I use it every morning. 

Now the Eight Hour Oil by Elizabeth Arden was an exciting new product for me which was kindly gifted. I couldn't contain my excitement when I first discovered that the beauty giant was creating a new Eight Hour product! I have used many from the range and swear by each and every one of them... I even have mini's in my desk drawer at work!

This new gem from E.A. is brilliant as it is an all-over product. You can use this on your face, body and hair. I have tried all of these and especially love it for my face. I have actually noticed that the red patches on my face have been dramatically reduced after wearing this over night and love how plump my skin feels the next morning. It's also fantastic for the hair, whether you want to add it to your damp locks or add a hint of shine after styling, and most of all, for smothering over legs after a steaming hot shower... Oh la laaa!

Beauty Products from Elizabeth Arden and Olay

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil and Olay Beauty Fluid
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