GIVEAWAY: Skinova Acropass Hyaluronic Patches

Since a very young age, I have dealt with these wonderful things called eye bags... These lovely little circles are with me no matter the occasion and I have had to come to terms with them. Luckily, makeup certainly hides the majority of my imperfections but I do prefer an actual fix that is noticeable, even on those bare-faced days.

Not only do I want my skin to look good, I also want to prevent all future damage and lines by using high quality products, just like this one. 

These wonderful little patches contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin which aids in hydration and repair. Until recently, hyaluronic acid would be injected as the epidermis (our skins top protective layer) would not allow the hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep down. Skinova are actually the first brand to introduce this innovative technology to the UK by using a new technology called TransDermal Nano patch which is capable of delivering the hyaluronic acid into the Epidermis... Hurray!

Not only was I lucky enough to try these patches for myself, the amazing people at Skinova are also giving away a free set of treatments to one of my lovely readers... Yes, you!

Keep reading to find out more!

On first impression, this product is packaged beautifully! As you can see from the images and my demo video below, this is a very luxurious product. I am a huge sucker for packaging so there is one huge tick from me!

I can't explain how excited I was when trying these for the first time... I could barely contain myself! Let me tell you now, opening these up and peeling the patches off the protective film is beyond satisfying! Not only are they pleasing to the touch, they are very easy to apply and can actually be removed if placed wrong and re-applied with much ease.

These patches are created for over-night use which is great for me as I am one of those girls who loves to leave face masks on for hours (oops!)

View my first experience applying the Skinova Acropass patches

After applying the patches, I began to feel a lovely cooling effect which really made me feel confident that the product had begun its work. I then awoke, after around 8 hours sleep, to the excitement of peeling these off... Another very satisfying task, might I add! 

Immediately, I noticed that my under eyes seemed to be more plump. Although, I didn't notice a difference in darkness, which I was hoping for but to be honest, I have come to learn that a lot of the darkness below my eyes is highly due to my olive skin tone anyway so that was not a let down for me. The product does not claim to correct this so I wasn't expecting a miracle!

In terms of a reduction in fine lines, I didn't notice a change. I don't really have many though so I am not the best person to test this on.

My overall thoughts on the results:
  • My skin felt rejuvenated 
  • My under-eyes looked plump
  • My skin was left looking and feeling super soft
Overall, I am very satisfied with the result and can't wait to continue using these little beauties. I definitely feel that the results will get better with each use and really dread the day that mine run out!


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