June Beauty Favourites and Giveaway!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are almost reaching the month of July... Is it me or does time just fly the older you get?

I love this time of year. June is typically the start of all things fun... The sun is shining, everyone is in a fantastic mood and the smell of BBQ is in the air. However, here in England, the weather has been very up and down (what a surprise) which is really wreaking havoc with my poor skin! It doesn't know what to do with itself... One minute it's roasting hot, the next it's pouring with rain!

In honor of the great British summer, I decided to update you all on my favourite beauty items as of late. I am very content with my regime at the moment and think it is the perfect time to share my must-haves.

Let's start with skincare...

Lip balms are just as important during the warmer months as they help lock in moisture and sometimes even offer SPF. My favourite types of balm are the ones that taste and smell delicious! That is why I am currently obsessed with Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly Lip Balms come in many different scents. I have the "Fabulous Five" collection which features; Tangerine, Buttered Popcorn, Tutti-Fruitti, Mango and Wild Blackberry. They all smell so yummy but my favourite has to be Mango. My current fave SPF lip balm is by Lotil. It contains SPF 30 which is incredible for the generous price!

Another important item to keep in your kit for summer has to be an effective day-time moisturiser. I highly recommend one which contains some SPF as this is key for keeping your skin protected and looking younger for longer. My current favourite is the Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser which contains SPF 30. Not only does it protect my skin from UV rays, it is very moisturising and a little really does go a long way. I have yet to find another day-time cream containing SPF 30 that works and feels as good as this one does... Highly recommended!

To win your own Herbalife Protective Moisturiser, enter below!



Speaking of Herbalife, another fave from June has to be the Polishing Citrus Cleanser. First of all, let me start by telling you how nice this product smells! It is so refreshing which is a big selling point for me. Although an exfoliating product, it is not harsh on the skin and is perfect for removing those last traces of makeup at the end of the day.

Now I have covered my favourite day-time face cream... It is time to focus on what I use to treat my skin at night. I have been switching between two products lately and love them both so much. It depends on what kind of treatment I am looking for. Some nights I prefer something light, for others, a concentrated product is required. Both of these oils can be used as little or as much as one requires. Let's begin with Vita Coco's miraculous Coconut Oil. Not only can you cook,bake and fry with it, it is an incredible skin/haircare product! I prefer to turn to Vita Coco for my coconut fix as their oil is extra virgin and 100% organic. A little jar goes a very long way so it won't break the bank. I love the soothing effect it has on my skin and prefer to use this on days when my face is feeling slightly irritated and tender.

For my better skin days, I am obsessed with the Hema Facial Oil! I can't begin to express my love for this product. From the very first use, I have noticed a difference and just feel like a queen when using it. Although it has such a small price tag, this is one of the most effective face oils I have ever used. It is so luxurious... I cannot rave about it enough guys... Please give it a try, I promise you won't regret it!

Moving onto hair, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Henara shampoo. I have been trying the Bronze Shine Shampoo for Brunette hair, containing natural henna and walnut extracts, for the past month. First of all, it smells lovely! Best of all? It has 100% improved the condition of my hair. I instantly noticed how little my hair would shed compared to when I used any other shampoo. Now that this has run out, I have switched to a different shampoo and have been shedding SO bad. I will most definitely be stocking up on this shampoo ASAP!

My last two favourites are not skincare related so I thought I would group them together. The first item is my new found nail polish fave! "Imagine" by Faby Nails is the most stunning deep majenta shade. It really compliments my olive skin tone and I have received so many compliments since wearing it that I have re-painted my nails the same colour, over and over, these past few weeks! It is such a pigmented shade which is great for those days when you may be in a hurry as one coat is all you need. However, I prefer to add a second coat for a longer lasting finish.

Last but not least is a favourite of mine from my hubbies fragrance collection... Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited Eu de Toilette... I can't even describe this one Beauts... It is phenomenal! Please go out and give it a try. Not only is it an extremely sexy scent, it lasts all day and best of all, not only will your man love it, so will you!

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