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Tea Party
I do have to admit, I love a good cleanse. I am certainly one of those girls who will spend a few days pigging out and think that a cleanse will reverse all previous sins! So if like I, you to do just the same, keep on reading!

That time of year is back again already! The time where everybody strives to look their best, whipping out those sexy two pieces (or one if you are like me) ready to soak up all of that glorious sun!

My favourite cleanses typically involve lots of fresh fruit and veg but I tend to struggle and still drink lots of my favourite coffee. I do however love some green tea but get a bit bored of the old tea bags these days so don't really reach for them as much as I should.
Flowers on Table
Luckily the lovely people at Bloom recently reached out to me and provided this little beauty called Bloom Ultra Cleanse Matcha which is made up of; powdered matcha, green tea, yerba mate and milk thistle. It is a great alternative to traditional green tea as it comes in powdered form. You are also not limited to the amount of food/drink recipes as it can be added to almost anything!

The way I have been consuming my matcha is by drinking it early morning. I feel it sets a nice start to my day and it really does make me feel good, whether that be it actually making a difference or wholly phycological. 

Bloom Ultra Cleanse Matcha is also:
  • High in fibre
  • Low in sugars
  • Salt free
  • Fat free

It is recommended that you consume no more than 3 servings and I would suggest using around two. 

How to achieve your daily Matcha goal:
  • Mix with hot water for a delicious green tea
  • Pour over ice for a delicious iced tea
  • Add to milky lattes 
  • Add to smoothies for that extra boost
  • Mix into any baking batter for a healthier snack
  • Create delicious matcha ice cream
  • Sprinkle into salads for a super green snack

Breakfast Tea Party
There are so many fantastic recipes which can be viewed on the Bloom Instagram feed. Please make sure to check them out and give them a try for yourself! This week I plan to up my game and create some bigger changes to my day by swapping that extra coffee for a delicious matcha tea instead... I will keep you updated!

If you are loving the look of my lovely little tea party, check out my "ingredients" below all of which were purchased at my local Aldi (apart from the gorgeous honey comb):
  • 1 Spelt and Muesli Crispbread
  • 2 Blueberry (eyes)
  • 1 Raspberry (pout)
  • 1 Fairtrade Banana
  • 1 Flat Peach
  • 4 Strawberries 
  • Sparkling Pink Lemonade
  • Bloom Ultra Cleanse Matcha Tea (Made with 4 spatula scoops and boiling water)
Purchased at my local garden centre:
Honey Comb
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