At the Beach with Jones Bootsmaker

Wedges on sand

For my birthday, my amazing hubby decided to take me for the most romantic birthday brunch at a local cafe called Aubergine. Aubergine is based about a 10 minute walk from West Kirby beach  and marine lake making this quaint eating spot the perfect little Summer hide-out!

They serve the most delicious food which includes Afternoon Tea, however as we payed a visit on a Sunday, they weren't serving on that day so instead, we went with some scrumptious food from the main and specials menu.

After stuffing our faces, we took a stroll down to the beach and before grabbing an ice cream, decided to walk around the marine lake. We were so jealous of all the wind surfers! I definitely need to give that a go one day! 

The wind was quite intense this day so I had a lot of fun taking the silliest "hair in face" selfies ever!  Don't forget to follow Beaut Chic on Instagram so that you catch my latest pics! I also managed to walk in my wedges around the marine lake without actually falling in... Result! As we did plan on doing a lot of walking, I chose to wear my new favourite wedged sandals which were kindly gifted to me by Jones Bookmaker. Jones Bookmaker stock a ton of high quality footwear including a brand called Gabor who make these sandals.
As I have extremely wide feet, I tend to struggle with this kind of style as the front straps can often be too tight. These shoes are so spacious though and are made with the softest materials (the upper being a very smooth leather)and after doing some research, I actually discovered that they are made for a wider foot and come in a D fitting which is bloody fantastic! 

West Kirby Marine Lake

The sole of the wedges is super soft and squishy making them a great pick for busy Summer days out as they are made with micro-fibre... Very swish! To top it off, the wedge is the perfect size, 5cm to be exact and is made in such a way that if you ever needed to run somewhere, these will cooperate perfectly! I have had many trips and falls whilst wearing wedges but I am confident that these will have my back!

Wedges on beach rocks
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