Hanging with Bloggers at #LivHelps

What cures rainy day weekend blues, I hear you ask? A big blogger get-together does! Piece together: a beautiful city, a pizza bar and a bunch of your favourite bloggers and you get an incredible event...

LivHelps was an amazing blogger get-together hosted by the lovely Sammy. Not only were us bloggers invited along to eat, take selfies and chat all things flat-lay, most importantly, we were there to... DRINK! 

As always, the majority of us went wild with the cocktails as Dough Bar have an incredible menu, with an offer on most being 2 for £5!!! I literally had a PM hangover and went to bed with a whopping headache BUT, it was so worth it.

It was really nice to see so many familiar faces after a very long time! I also got to meet a lot of new ones which is always super exciting. One thing that always gets me is when people already know my name... What is that all about?! This is still beyond flattering to me and I just hope I get to meet everybody who reads my posts!

The whole vibe of this meet, paired with delicious food and drinks at Dough Bar was just lovely and I really can't praise Sammy enough for all of her hard work and efforts... You go girl! I am so excited for the next one and can't wait to see what she pulls out of the bag!

Speaking of bags... I can't deny that I was excited to see what the goodie bags had to offer. Sammy had posted the names of some of the brands featured beforehand, on Twitter, so I was uber on edge to rip mine open the moment it touched my fingers! 

Boy did they impress! 

A huge thanks to:

Not to forget all of the other incredible brands featured in our goodie bags! I will be posting some reviews on individual items over the next few months so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

All in all, LivHelps was a huge success! Just remember, if you ever find me stumbling through Liverpool on my own early evening then you know it's been a great day...




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