Jamie's Italian Evening Menu Review

I can't deny that food is one of my favourite things in the entire world! I love to try new things, especially creative home cooked meals... There's nothing I love more than having the entire family round for dinner, getting messy in the kitchen and watching everybody enjoy the end feast.

However, I also love to eat out... Especially when the sun is shining and a spot of shopping is on the cards. Liverpool is our go-to for experimenting with differing cuisine... We tend to venture towards Chinese and Italian foods at present so jumped at the opportunity of visiting Jamie's Italian based in Liverpool One for the hubby's birthday.

We decided to opt for the Evening Favourites menu which consists of three courses. The options provided are very well chosen and offer a decent variety for the reasonable price. 

We decided to try:

Both: Cured Meat Plank

Me: Italian Steak and Fries
Hubby: 35-Day Dry-Aged Sirloin Steak

Both: Vin Santo Tiramisu 
To start, the Cured Meat Plant really did set the bar very high... It was absolutely delicious, light and extremely satisfying. There was not one item on the plank that we did not enjoy and therefore, highly recommend this yummy starter!

For the mains, we both went for a steak but different options. I chose the Italian Steak and Fries. A prime steak with a side of salad and fries... The steak was cooked to perfection and the salad accompanied this very well. The only thing that disappointed me, slightly, was that the fries did not seem to be spiced (as stated on the menu), yet they were still very nice and I finished the entire plate!

My husband chose the 35-Day Dry-Aged Sirloin Steak which was beyond perfect. He likes to order his steaks "blue" which is something almost every restaurant we attend, seem to struggle with. However, Jamie's really got this one right and delivered the most juicy steak ever! The salad and funky chips were also very delicious.

To finish, we both chose the Vin Santo Tiramisu. This is a dessert we are both very fond of and were very excited to try this! On arrival, the presentation was not amazing, hence no image in this post. When I googled this dessert, I noticed that other tiramisu desserts were presented differently. Ours came in a silver bowl, quite like what you would get at a "all you can eat" restaurant when getting an ice-cream dessert. It just made the presentation look less impressive when compared to the other two dishes and it also meant that the tiramisu kept falling over the sides! On the plus side, the dessert was very yummy which made up for this so an overall thumbs up from me!

To add, we also had a couple of drinks which included the Jamie's Italian Liberta Beer, Blackberry Mule and Jamie's Italian Sparkling Raboso Rosato Spumante which were all very, very nice! We then ended the evening meal with a sneaky little Happy Birthday surprise which was also kindly provided by the restaurant! Our lovely waiter bought out a huge plate with an incredible brownie, popcorn and syrup spelling out "Happy Birthday" topped off with a cute candle! A huge thank you Jamie's, we had a very nice night!

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