Tint Ldn Review: Get Whiter Teeth in just Seconds!

So we all know why I am here... Call me your little test monkey. I put my skin, hair and now teeth through all sorts of fun things so you don't have to! 

To start off, let me just give you a bit of info on what I am up to today and then we can right down to the nitty gritty!

TINT LDN has launched the first ever UK Single’s Day Campaign in collaboration with one of my favourite beauty haven's BOOTS! Just like I, you too may just be finding out some new information today... UK Singles Day is actually a National holiday, uniting spirited singletons without a cringe-worthy tinder profile in sight! 

Now we know that I am a happily married blogger so I am just here to spread the good word... Don't shoot the messenger and all that stuff! ;)

Today marks the 8th annual Singles Day, a "Chinese phenomenon" that is now, apparently, taking the Western world by storm! So if you are a singleton, celebrate your freedom today! It is also a good excuse to shower your single besties with gifts and show St. Valentine who is boss... You, obviously.

Today I am working with TINT the world’s first Instant Teeth Whitener who are championing the very first Single’s Day campaign. Just as it says on the tin, TINT is, literally, an instant teeth whitener! 

In collaboration with BOOTS, TINT are offering a "Buy One, Buy One Free for Your Bestie" promo! This will run across all national BOOTS stores as well as on their website. What a great way to celebrate friendship on the harmonious occasion...

Available in three ice cool shades, including Bright, White and Super White (which is what I am featuring today), to give white teeth instantly, TINT’s "revolutionary formula" also claims to act as a barrier to prevent teeth from staining which is something that really stood out to me, as an avid coffee gulper!

TINT is also clinically proven to be safe for the teeth with no sensitivity or corrosive effects during or after use. Each pack even comes with special wipe off pads for when we want our normal, boring teeth back... 


Ok, to begin, as you can see, I had a bit of a failed attempt... Don't judge! I'm no artist! I have to admit that I didn't bother to look at the guide, at first, so this is my own stupid fault! However, it was very fun to apply! Apart from the frustration of getting some on my lips which was hard to remove until I had the most genius idea and finally used the wipe away pads... Like I was supposed to!


As you can see, I did a much better job this time! After following the infographic, I did achieve better results. However, I have a few points to raise. As it suggests to get a good amount of product on the applicator, I followed instructions and did this each time. The issue I have is that the product kept seeping into the gaps between my teeth which made it look like I had smeared paint across them! This can be cleaned up but you just need to be very careful to let everything dry fully before tidying any areas up. I also kept getting this on my gums but with practise, found it much easier each time!

Overall, this seems like a great quick fix product and I love how it hides my coffee stains so may try using this just on those areas next time! I do recommend going for one of the lighter shades if you are looking for a more natural look and please, PLEASE practise before wearing this out... Other than that... I am excited to see a product like this! I have never come across anything similar and love how quick this could be... Once mastered.  



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