Deichmann: Glistening Chelsea Boots Outfit Post

Do you remember my last Winter Boots post where I mentioned that I could never have enough pairs? Well here we are again, only weeks later with another gorgeous pair to add to my ever growing collection… Did somebody say shoe heaven?!
This time, my new shoedrobe addition comes from one of the most affordable high-street (footwear) retailers, a personal favourite of mine… Deichmann. Deichmann have a special place in my heart as I have purchased from them for many years and I can safely say that a large chunk of my shoe collection was purchased there. The main reason for my appreciation of the brand is due to a number of positive experiences I have had when purchasing. As most of you will know, Deichmann offer a variety of very affordable footwear but don’t let the prices sway your opinion as the quality is incredible... Especially for the price! I always find that each pair of shoes I purchase fit me really well despite having wide feet… Even strappy sandals are wearable which is a huge positive, in my case!
Luckily, I have had the amazing opportunity of working with the brand which is so exciting for me. My favourite thing about blogging definitely has to be that I get to work with brands I have looked up to for a long time!
This gorgeous pair of Chelsea Boots are very different than the last and will most certainly appeal to somebody with a more edgy taste. I decided to go with this pair as they just hold that unique “something-something” which is exactly what I was looking for. They look great with skinny jeans but add that hint of glam due to those beautiful sparkling side panels! I love how these glisten in the cold winter sunlight yet still keep my toes nice and toasty!
Deichmann's Survey of Shoe Turn-ons and Turn-offs
Deichmann were also kind enough to share some interesting survey results with us which I have included below... An interesting read, I think I need to get on-top of my own shoe cleaning game!
"A national survey of 4,507 UK adults has discovered that 66% consider a male partner wearing socks and sandals their biggest turn off on a first date, while 50% described scruffy or dirty shoes on a woman as their biggest no-no." Who else hates socks and sandals? I sure do! This has to be in my top 5 for fashion choice turn-offs!
Dress to impress
This revealed that the biggest footwear turn-ons are, for a male partner, Real leather shoes with the percentage sitting at 52% and for female partners 56% agreed on heels.
"Men wearing brogues or boots also made a good first impression, with 25% and 20% of respondents listing them as footwear turn ons, while ankle boots (29%) and knee high boots (25%) were revealed to be the second and third biggest turn ons in a female partner.
When it comes to footwear turn offs on men, scruffy/dirty shoes and snakeskin shoes were also given the boot, with 39% and 27% of respondents describing them as a turn off.
Wellies and heels that are too high came in second and third as the biggest turn offs on ladies, with 31% and 26% of votes."
What do you think Beauts, what style of shoe can you not live without?

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