GIVEAWAY: At Home Natural Teeth Whitening Using Charcoal

I have to confess that I am an avid coffee slurper... Sometimes, I even get my 5-a-day, especially on a Monday! Other than coffee, I am very good when it comes to liquids as I stick to water only when at home. However, this caffeine rich diet has not done me any favours over the past 2 years.

Slowly, I started to develop staining between two of my teeth and have had issues shifting these without the help of a professional. As my next appointment with the dentist is not until April, I wanted to see what I could do, from the comfort of my own home.

Luckily, a few perfect products fell into my lap, all of which I was eager to share with you here today. Although they have not miraculously removed the deep staining from years of coffee drinking, these two products have simultaneously prevented any further damage, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Diamond Whites are on top of the game for non peroxide teeth whitening, they offer a wide array of whitening products as well as at-home kits which are all very affordable. The two products I am reviewing here today both fall way under the £20 mark.

Diamond Whites Black Edition - Tooth Polish

This natural powder, made from 100% activated coconut shell charcoal, is a game changer for me. I never thought that using a product like this would make such a difference! The immediate results are shocking... If you have used other at home kits, just like I, you will understand how the wait and sensitivity bought on by the process can be soul destroying. I always feel so guilty after using harsh whitening products as I know that I am only causing more problems. Our enamel undergoes some battering during the process so using natural products, just like the Diamond Whites ones, will help prolong an overall healthier mouth.

Not only does this powder make teeth appear whiter in an instant, it also helps to strengthen gums, remove toxins from your mouth and absorb bacteria to give your teeth the "Diamond White Smile you have always wanted". Just wet your brush, take a dip in the product and gently brush for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

My Top Tip for Brushing with Charcoal Powder

As this is a very dark powder, even after rinsing thoroughly, residue can get left behind between teeth and gums. Due to this, I only use this product of a night and by morning, it has all disappeared, leaving me a lovely morning smile.

Diamond Whites Black Edition - Liquid

A pulling mouthwash made with organic coconut oil, this amazing liquid is a natural antibacterial which uses the technique of oil pulling to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Oil pulling recently became a popular trend as it can be extremely effective. As the liquid hits your teeth and gums, microbes are pulled up from their pesky little hiding places, leaving you with a healthier, fresher mouth for longer.

For this to be effective, the liquid must be swished around the mouth long enough for it to turn a milky white. This indicates that bacteria has been lifted and the process is complete.

How to: Oil Pulling

1. Simply shake the bottle
2. Swish roughly 15-20ml for 10-15 minutes (the longer the better)
3. Spit carefully into the sink


Overall, these two techniques used, of an evening and in conjunction with your twice-a-day brushing, will prove extremely beneficial in keeping those pegs in tip-top condition!

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*** GIVEAWAY ***

As a little thank you to my amazing followers, I am giving away 1 bottle of Diamond Whites Black Edition Fluid to a lucky reader!

WIN Diamond Whites Black Edition Liquid

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Much love... Helena x

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