Customise your very own Tangle Teezer!

On the back of my most recent post, I wanted to add to that by sharing something incredibly exciting with you all. As I mentioned in my Sleek Healthy Hair post, my hair is incredibly long which can often cause some issues of a morning when I am in a rush and attempting to comb those bed-head knots right out! Luckily for you, you aren't my neighbour which is extremely beneficial as you would be subject to all sorts of moaning and groaning every single morning... Oh that poor guy!
Luckily, this little beauty was invented... The incredible Tangle Teezer! I am sure I must have posted about this wonderful tool in the past. We have all heard great things about this glorious hair product but something you may not know is that you can now personalise your own brush!
Not only can you get ready of a morning without sprouting allsorts of lovely abuse at your mirror, you can now create your very own, unique, piece of Tangle Teezer goodness. To top it off, the TT team have created this option for the Compact Styler which is the smaller, handbag sized brush which comes with a very practical bristle cover. This is my favourite brush from the range as it is always well protected and is the perfect size for travel.

To create your own Tangle Teezer, it's very simple. Just head on over to the Tangle Teezer website, upload your image, arrange/resize and voila! Just note that images must be your own due to copyright reasons.
To add a bit of colour to my bag, I decided to choose my absolute favourite photograph from mine and my gorgeous hubbies most recent trip to Anglesey in Wales. This image makes me smile, every time I see it, so the perfect picture for my new little companion!


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