My Hair Transformation: Balayage at Voodou Liverpool

It’s been years since I did anything exciting with these locks... I often think back and remember those rebellious days of mine; back when I dared to even venture just a little bit outside of my comfort zone… What’s happened to me?!

Well, let me tell you now Beauts, I have surprised myself this year… Maybe I am having one of those quarter life crisis moments but I have been craving a change for the past 6 months so it was with perfect timing that the beautiful people at Voodou’s Bold Street, Liverpool salon, would contact me and invite me over!

Thanks to the stunning hair inspo pictures plastered all over Instagram, I plucked up the courage to go for something quite different… Each saved image revealed a pattern... They each featured some form of beautiful balayage, so I thought “HEY, let’s do this!”

On my first visit to the salon, I met up with my lovely hair stylist Becky, who sat down with me for a consultation. We flicked through all my inspiration images and had a chat about what would happen on the big day. This made me feel so comfortable and eased any worries I may have previously had, prior to. Becky was so lovely and made me feel beyond comfortable, just in time for that much needed “glow up”, as the cool kids say, these days.

I have always had very dark hair so this meant that going extremely light, throughout the ends of my hair, would prove quite difficult. I was informed that we may not be able to go the ashy blonde shade I had initially hoped for but Becky strand tested a sample of my hair and I was more than happy with the luscious caramel result!

The day of my appointment, I was so excited Beauts! I knew that I was in the best hands possible. Voodou are well known for their immaculate hair colour skills so I couldn't have been in better hands. I also love how they use Redken products as this is a brand that I have known and loved for a very long time now.

From start to finish, I was at the salon for almost 4.5 hours but time went SO fast. I was actually struggling to stay awake, the majority of my stay and felt like I had been at a spa when I left… I was so sleepy guys!

Due to the colour of my natural hair which is a very dark brown, my treatment may have taken longer than usual in order to get my balayage as light as possible for the first try. Becky was brilliant and kept me well informed along the way... Let's hope I remember everything... See below!

To start off, Becky applied the Redeken Flash Lift Bleach to my hair which was carefully weaved through small sections to give that gorgeous balayage effect. My hair was then left in foils for close to an hour to achieve the lightest look possible, for my first try.

After rinsing this out, we then used the Redken Shades EQ Gloss Toner's in 09v and 08n and to keep my hair looking as healthy as possible the Redken PH bonder in Bleach was applied to my locks for some time before styling and finishing with some Outshine Serum.

The end result was more than I could have hoped for... I am absolutely loving it and can't rave about Voodou enough! Now that it has been a couple of weeks, I can confirm that I see absolutely no change in the feel of my hair. After a few washes and deep conditions, my hair is in even better condition than before my treatment so this experience gets a 10/10 from me!


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