Boutique Glam: Testing Sainsburys Makeup

Sometimes we find incredible things in some unlikely places. For example, I never thought that Primark would create some of my current favourite beauty tools... Especially with a price tag below the £5 mark!

As I am getting more involved with the world of makeup, I am noticing that I don't always need to spend ridiculous amounts of hard earned cash on beauty products. My most recent holy grail item, if you remember, comes from Aldi! The best mascara in the world to me right now... Because of these finds, I really want to try my best to share more things with you that you may not see elsewhere. I do always strive to not stick to "trending" posts as I want to share something new with the world. They may not be the latest beauty releases but they will always be some of the best.

As I don't live too close to a Sainsburys, I don't often get the chance to shop there. Fortunately for me, I have been working with them for almost a year now and have seen some brilliant product releases from their Boutique makeup line. First of all, I just want to give a big thumbs up to the brand for their choice of packaging. You know that gorgeous "matte feeling" packaging that just feels so good to touch... That is exactly how the larger products from this line feel, they are so luxurious!

Throughout this post you will see my top 5 picks from the Sainsburys Boutique line which I now use on a regular basis. Each product has been made so well and are especially amazing when you take their price point into account. All 5 of these items can be purchased together for under £30!

To achieve my day-to-night eye look. I used two eye shadows, which are each priced at an amazing £4. My all over lid colour is called "Forty Winks" which was deepened through my crease by layering "A Nod is as good as a Wink" over the top, concentrating this on the outer edges.

To achieve a healthier look, I went for the "Chock-a-Block" bronzer, adding this to the usual areas of the face to achieve a warm glow... I love how this bronzer blends guys, it's so buttery!

To add some life to my cheeks, I then added a touch of this beautiful shimmering blush which is called "Halcyon Days". Guys, I cannot rave about this blush enough! I am pretty sure that I am close to hitting pan on this thing... I don't even feel the need to add highlighter when wearing this as it makes my skin look naturally glowing on it's own!

Last but not least, that stunning lip you see was achieved by adding "Don't Gloss me around" which is unbelievably beautiful! It is called a gloss but Beauts, this is super pigmented and is perfect for anybody who may have problems with dryer lips as it won't dehydrate them further.

That's the end of this post now lovelies. Please do let me know, in the comments below if you have tried anything from the Boutique line and if so, what are your favourite items?

Purchase your own Boutique items at larger Sainsbury stores nationwide.

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