Customise Your Foundation at Home and Save Pounds!

Do you have an absolute nightmare when searching for a foundation to match your skin? Yes? Me too!

Whether we get it right once or not, our skin tone changes from season to season which can make it very difficult to keep on top of our matching game. Well, worry no more lovelies because I have gone and found, what I think, may just be one of the best makeup products out there right now! Something which will make that worry a thing of the past... 

Yes! This is actually a thing guys! 

When I received these little beauties, I though that maybe they were too good to be true. How could it be this easy? Well, I was wrong because it actually is "that easy"!

Available in 4 shades; Lightening Cool, Lightening Warm, Deepening Medium and Deepening Dark. Of which, 3 have been demonstrated in today's post (all shades but Deepening Medium). With these products, the only work required of you is to decide which of these will suit your skin's undertone best and get mixing!

I have three of these beauties so that I am able to really demonstrate how these can alter my own foundation shade. Bare in mind that I have only added small amounts... It's completely up to you, how much you wish to alter your own shade. Also note that for this demo, I used Revlon's Colorstay Foundation which is a liquid. If you prefer to use a stick foundation or something from a compact, I would recommend using the same technique and mix together on a clean surface of sorts or the back of your hand.

As you can see, each of these mixers has successfully altered the shade of my own foundation which is pictured on the top of the 3 adjusted shades. This is by using the bare minimum too so imagine how many more shades you can create by owning these guys!

These would be incredible for any makeup artist too, surely saving you so much money!

I also want to add that these did not alter the texture of my foundation what-so-ever! Gone are the days where you would have to purchase multiple shades of expensive foundation... Now you can adjust your own products for a fraction of the cost! 


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