Top 5 Independent Fashion Brands You Need to Know About

Guest post written by Ryan Duffy. Image: Beaut Chic

Many may say that the fashion world is now monopolised by a lot of the big hitters. It seems as though any time you ask where someone got their new top or shoes from all you hear is “Topshop” or “River Island”. Now, there is no doubting that these types of popular brands can offer some fantastic additions to your wardrobe, but at the same time – there are lots of great independent fashion brands which are producing some wonderful items you can wear. With that in mind, lets take a look at the top 5 independent fashion brands you need to know about…


Senso is a family-run fashion brand which was created by the parents of the Mellor family in Australia. When the brand first came to fruition, they had a small boutique store where they produced and sold their footwear. Once their daughters became older, they then started to become involved in designing the shoes, which took them to the next level. With a pair of Senso shoes, you will have some quirky designs with sandals and chunky boots perfect for a rock chick look.

Rae Feather

The clothing and items available from Rae Feather are all about simplicity and style. The inspiration for the Rae Feather brand came from the fantastically named Rae Feather herself, who saw that there were not enough stylish items available in quality natural fabrics for women. The clothing is not all about the latest fashion trends, but instead it is all about style, elegance and the inclusion of cashmere, cotton and linen fabrics.

Browns Fashion

When looking towards the higher-end of the independent fashion spectrum, then Browns Fashion is what you will see. Since the 1970’s, Browns are a brand which focus on making the highest-quality clothing and jewellery which has something a little bit different and will be sure to help you stand out from most popular high-street brands.

The Couture Club

The Couture Club is only a baby in terms of its age, but since its birth 3 years ago, it has become one of the most popular independent fashion brands around. The brand originates from Manchester, UK and likes to stay true to the urban roots of the city with its clothing. You will be able to find a variety of hoodies, t-shirts and jackets which are perfect for an urban outfit.


Bam-B is a jewellery brand which was created to by two close friends who studied together in London a few years ago. After originally only designing the jewellery for themselves, they got enough requests from other people to let their passion become a business. Their items focus on simplicity, looking clean and contemporary that can be worn with a variety of different items and are timeless.

A huge thank you to today's guest writer Ryan!
Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. He enjoys writing about fashion and lifestyle topics and this is where most of his work has taken him.


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