Botanics Radiant Youth Eye Roll On: The most Satisfying Eye Cream!

Let's get straight to it, what's fun about eye cream? What's fun about any cream, for that matter? Don't get me wrong, I am skincare obsessed but I don't live for the moment when it's time to apply the stuff.

Eye cream, in particular, is something I have slacked on a lot, recently. I used to be so good at applying it morning and evening but I just became bored, to be quite frank. I kept making daily mental reminders to get back into my routine but when it really came down to it, I didn't want to.

Luckily, for my bags, whilst shopping around the ever-wonderful Boots, one lunchtime, I stumbled upon the "Sales Stand". I picked up a beautiful nail polish for only £1 and then saw that a Botanics Eye Rollerball product was in the mix too, for only £4! How could I pass this up?

Having worked with Botanics, I have been lucky enough to test their products (further reviews to follow) and am beyond impressed! A lot of my friends always comment when they see that I have worked with them, saying that they always hear incredible things about the brand... Brilliant! So, of course, I was super excited to try this beauty as it's not just any old plain, boring eye cream... It's a rollerball eye cream!

Before opening the packaging, I assumed that there would be one medium sized rollerball attached to the tube BUT to my absolute excitement, there are three! Now don't laugh at me... This made me really excited! I love the feel of rollerballs on the skin. They are super cooling and just spice up any sort of application! So to find three, you would have thought I had discovered a hole with £1,000000 stuffed down it! It's not much different though, to be fair :P

Anyway, I will stop rambling!

The product itself looks like a tinted cream which was surprising but definitely adds to the already great experience. The joint work from the three rollerballs really is a treat and just makes applying this product uber satisfying. It's cooling, it's calming and best of all, it's moisturising. Leaving me with beautifully smooth under-eyes every single morning... Thanks Botanics!

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