iMantara: Disappearing Handcream?!

You may have clicked on this post to see what the heck kind of wizardry is going on over on Beaut Chic today... A disappearing handcream?! Can't be! Well, stick with me and you will see why I have come up with this elaborate, none click baity title.

Although you may seen me around doing bloggy things, quite often, I actually work a full time office job. Surprisingly (not) this involves a lot of sitting inside, air conditioning and coffee drinking which when combined, are all factors which contribute towards dry skin.

I never experienced any issues with my hands feeling dry until I worked in an office which is very unfortunate but instead of leaving it to get worse, I am always trying different hand creams to keep the skin on my phalanges looking youthful! I have tried and tested so many raved about products but have never been fully pleased. This is backed up by the fact that I have never reviewed any of those products, whether purchased by myself or received for free.

iMantara is a new brand, to me. I was contacted by them, not too long ago and fell in love with the look of their packing. The sleek black bottle with gold font and rose gold/copper neck really appeals to me and is very up my street! I just imagine the day we finally have a nice looking bathroom with these sitting on a shelf... How gorgeous would they look?!

Now the product itself is described as a Hand Lotion which has been formulated to soften and protect overworked hands... Overworked... CHECK! It also claims to be anti-aging... NEED!

The scent is described as being "Zesty". I definitely agree with that but I feel it is more floral which is not a bad thing at all but just be aware that it is on the slightly stronger side. No more than your typical well scented one though so don't let this put you off.

To the magic! The magic of this product and the whole reason I am dedicating a whole blog post to this baby is due to the fact that it leaves no uncomfortable residue, at all! It sinks into the skin, so fast guys, I can't even describe how impressive this is. This is a huge selling point as I am always having to deal with a greasy looking keyboard which is just not cute, at all! However, when using the iMantara Peaceful Palms Balancing Hand Lotion, I never have this issue.

From me, this gets a solid 8/10. I challenge you to try this for yourself and not love it!


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