Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen: The smoothest eye pencil, ever?!

How long have you been using eyeliner for? Whether you are just starting out or are an established makeup expert, I am sure that most of us can agree on the fact that finding a smooth eye pencil can be pretty difficult.

Sometimes they can be sharp and at times, even dry, to the point that your eyeball almost gets dragged out of its socket! Eyeliners have caused me many issues over the past 12 years or so but that doesn't mean that I haven't found some incredible products along the way.

I have truly fallen in love with, I would say, 2 other eyeliners which are my absolute go-to pencils. Because of that, I didn't really care to look for or try any more, if I am being really honest. However, being a beauty blogger, I get sent quite a lot of samples to test out for you guys and one of these, may have just blown my mind!

A claim of being "Silky Smooth" is something we hear almost every time we purchase an eye product. It makes sense, this is totally appealing! However, a lot of these claims fall completely flat and do not end up performing as promised.

I think the statement of something being silky smooth really intrigues yet scares me. Of course I am all over any product that promises to glide across my face, leaving behind a perfectly blended face but I always think that this claim also screams "I AM GOING TO SLIP AND SLIDE EVERYWHERE AFTER 3 HOURS!" Just me???

Well if you agree, you will love what I have to say about the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen! On first impressions, I was really taken aback... As I went to draw a very slight line underneath my lower waterline, I was surprised to find the product already in place before I even had a chance to take in what was really happening! I know, confusing right?! Well, to try and explain better, as soon as this product touches an area, it's just there! No effort required, that is how smooth this thing is!

How would I describe it? Like butter... Butter that most certainly will not melt... Full stop! It doesn't budge, even in the slightest! No matter how long you wear it. You also only need apply the teeniest amount as this is super pigmented and blends beautifully after one application!

I don't really know what else I can say about this Beauts, other than I really hope that you give this a try for yourself and let me know your thoughts. I feel as though this is a product I am going to use forever. It's just plain beautiful guys and I hope that my images do it justice!

Pixi Beauty is available to purchase online and in Marks and Spencer. The Endless Silky Eye Pen shade I am using is called "Black Noir" and is only £12!

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