How to: Strong Healthy Nails Using One Product!

Ever since I last had acrylic nails, I have been finding it hard to get my nails back to their original condition which, back then, was very strong meaning I was able to maintain naturally longer nails.

Unfortunately, I think that I did take that for granted! Definitely not any more though Beauts. It's been a nightmare, trying to control all of the chipping... Argh!

Luckily, I was introduced to Dr LeWinn's Renunail. A product which is now my absolute saviour... Thanks guys! A completely new product to me, I started using this beauty a few months back and I can now, proudly, state that these nails are all my own! 

If you are struggling to grow your nails, Renunail is amazing guys. Not only does this promote stronger, healthier looking nails, it also protects against dehydration which is something I struggled with after having the acrylics and painting my nails so often. 

This course is so simple. Just apply 2 coats of the Renunail Revitanail Nail Stengthener onto clean nails for 5 days, removing on the 7th day with some nail polish remover. Repeat this process 3 times and voila! You are now on the road to fabulous, natural nails!


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